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Tetrazepam helping

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Hello Fellows,


so,i recently took Tetrazepam for the first time and wanted to use it recreational and not therapheutic, but noted that this Benzo really helps:


I used 100mg (13:00) as initial dose and redosed one time with 50mg (17:00).


I noticed the effects really smooth but after redosing the tetrazepam overhelmed me a bit so i noted the differences quite strong:

i had no trailing when looking at moving objects, my lila OEV´s dont appear anymore and my visual snow greatly reduced, everything seems really clear now, like youd be looking threw a clear lens.

It´s really a different lifequality for me as i see how clean my Visual can be, i didnt noticed how fucked up my visual is as i accostumed to it.


So yes, just wanted to share that,you defenately should give Tetrazepam a Chance, maybe not in that high dose but it may could help you also.


I got this from my Doc as a prescription, so it shouldnt be that hard to get the Tetra.


Best regards Guys and keep your head up!

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I can verify his experience. I took tetrazepam too with a very high amount of success. Stole a 100 pieces package from my mom! ^^

But addiction is a very difficult problem... Tetrazepam works very well on the visual and anxiety side of HPPD.

First time I did it (50-100mg) it decreased my hallucinations completely. After 2-3 month of daily use addiction made my problems cause it started stopping to work... :(

So you have to increase dosage or switch to a stronger one. (The benefit here is that tetrazepam is not such a strong benzo like clonazepam or diazepam so it does not create addiction such fast but it does, too! So it is not harmless! Be very careful!)

So I switched to diazepam. Took diazepam 10mg a day about 8 months. All symptoms went away. But addiction was too dangerous for me so I stopped all Benzos...


Btw Dancetrooper : I am from germany, too. Know you from the german board ;)

You said Tetrazepam prescription is not a problem. Well actually it is! Tetrazepam is now unavailable in Germany since August... :(

Take a look at this : http://www.deutsche-apotheker-zeitung.de/pharmazie/news/2013/06/24/kein-tetrazepam-ab-1-august-2013/10401.html

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I only tried these Benzos:


  • Oxazepam : The Visual Snow was less, mood-lifting so maybe also for DP/DR good (My HPPD is only Visual)
  • Etizolam : This one also is great, less Visual Snow, Less trails, no afterimages, but it wasnt a clean View like Tetrazepam
  • Tramadol : This one is not working for the Visuals, but its really a nice high, i really like these but theyre quite addictive.
  • Tetrazepam : As told this one works best for me, almost no Visual Snow, really mood-lifting, no trails and no afterimages from cars etc. and the most important for me the clean visual, its really a big difference.

I cant tell you lots about addiction because i dont take the same drugs lots in row, to prevent addiction, and its working pretty fine for me.





Dude, i take lots, lots of drugs, but never the same stuff in a row and not longer then 2 weeks....

I´m at 54 different drugs right now.

And i can ensure you im at best conditions :D

I had some bad expirience with A-PvP and / 5-Meo-Mipt in Combination, the A-pvp was horrifying, OEV´s, Halos, Starburst etc. really dont touch that.

I needed almost 2 weeks drugfree to get back to base.

And the 5-Meo increased my Visual Snow a bit, not much, but it got a bit more, got that after 5-Meo-Mipt+3-MMC+5-Mapb consume....what a trip ...and 5-meo at itself is really fucking up thoughts , i got really paranoid while tripping it.





Tatsache, ab 1.August ises weg, aber nur vorläufig :D


So in Germany its getting banned untill 2015, but i think at most other Countries it ashould still be available, you lucky ones :D

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