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1. If LSD was so common 60's, why nobody from that time reports it?

2. Could HPPD's have an effect on eldery mental health or life expectancy?

3. Don't you sometimes feel like invading a water distribution company and throwing LSD at the reservatories so everyone in your city trips for a day making HPPD a major health concern? ... What?

4. Had something to say but I forgot. ):

5. Good night. ;*

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Hi I survived the 60s and took quite a lot of the very strong acid they had back then. I have HPPD that cropped up 30 years later. I'm told this is rare. Several of my friends that ended up being diagnosed as schizophrenic probably had HPPD. Unfortunately HPPD was not well known back then. Heck it's not well known now. There are plenty of us "old folks" around. I've pretty much stayed the same for about 2 years now and I guess I will find out if this worsens as I get older. I'll let you know.

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#1 Just as alisa said

#2 Hard to say, I know once it get's hard to walk from old age I'm ready to go. Exercise is what get's me through this!!!!

#3 that's messed up I'm sure you accidentally did this to yourself

I'm still having trouble finding a job and that's usually what keeps my mind off hppd....I've noticed since I've had hppd, even if it's just a retail job you feel so much better about yourself knowing you have a purpose to get up every morning.

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1: Figure maybe since the disease/disorder is almost unheard of now, even with the internet, that it probably existed just as much but no one knew what to call it, nor have a place like this to congregate and say "yeah man you got that shit too?"

2: No idea. Rule about shit you can't know: don't worry about it. Worry about what you can control. I have thought about this myself, worried about it. Alzheimer wrecked my grandmother. But again, can't control it, so fuck it fucking up my life at this moment.

3: I used to plan little never-gonna-happen scenarios like that when i had hppd. Nothing weird about it. Unless you actually try to pull it of course :lol:

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1. the old board, there would be people time to time who popped in, who came from that era, talking about hppd. Of course, they had no internet back then, so if they went to a doctor, the doctor probably just told them they had flashbacks, or were crazy.

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