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Vitamin C

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just my 2 cents here, fish oil literally made me trip out at first, now it's not a huge issue. I took 500 mg vitamin C a few days ago, and i did notice my symptoms got a little worse, but it was what I consider back to baseline fairly quickly. I'd like to hear other people experiences though, not sure why things like vitamins/fish oil had those effects.

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Nah dude, my symptoms arent that hallucinatory so it doesn't make me trip, but i think it did make me foggy...it's hard to tell because i smoked a bunch during those days, but if it makes anyone here trip i just figure it's working more against me than for me anyway..

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Fish Oil never made any difference for me. Vitamin C when I exercise sometimes give me a very good physical sensation and good mood for a few hours that I don't feel when I don't take it. Changed in nothing my HPPD, though. The only thing that helped my visuals was klonopin, but it fucked me more than helped. I think you should give off of curing this disease with molecules.

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i had a condition called "saturday night palsy" 'Radial Nerve Neuropathy' that i just got over (paralyzation of my right arm/hand/fingers) for 3 months and the only way to help it to heal is vitamins, so i studied, sampled etc, and now am a fulltime user of them.. not multivitamins but fruits and vegitables topped with a liquid multiconcoction along with juice, and it really did make me heal faster and i noticed a million other benefits with them. i also added fish to my diet etc more fish oil and feel the benefit. Id suggest to anyone nowadays to keep your nutrition in good condition, everytime i relapse for a week or so on alc or somethin i really notice how much taking care of yourself with nutrition is mandatory for a healthy mind/body.

find what works for you tho, dont need to take everything, look at your diet and see what your missing. its hard to be malnourished outside the third world, but making sure you got a proper balance of everything is a great idea and even tho my nerve healed 100% now, im never gonna stop this path as ive felt better then i have in years.

unless you have a bad reaction to one, they couldent hurt anyways ;).

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""i had a condition called "saturday night palsy" 'Radial Nerve Neuropathy' ""

Lucid, I got this by falling asleep on my arm for 9 hrs. and I didn't wake up cause it was when I took morphine pills for pain.

The second I woke up and my arm was completely dead. I rushed to the hospital and they kept me in patient for 5 days cause my arm was so swollen. After the 3rd day sensation slowly started coming back to my fingers and it hurt like a mother f------- I've never been in that much pain, , even the morphine the docs were giving me didnt do anything.

Anyways slowly I felt the nerves regenerate from the tips of my finger up through the rest of my arm. It took six to eight months for me to regain full sensation in my right arm again.

I still get alot of shooting pain in that arm it never completely leaves, (I was almost put in pain management from that).

I just find it crazy that happened to another hppder, you were probably drinking when it happened to you thats why you didn't wake up huh?? Later/ man ;)

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