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strange sensations

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Like a tingle or a push in your head like pressure? I always get a rush or something in my brain and it is usually followed by migraines, also stiffens the right side of my neck and usually this is when my anxiety increases and visuals can get strange. Kind of feels like I just took a big blow of some cream, like someone has their hand in my head or a worm is crawling around in there. I haven't had them for almost 3 years since I was abusing hydrocodones and was on subutex but since I have been clean for the past 2 or so months they came back and are way worse now. A lot of my symptoms I thought were gone have came back and are even worse since staying clean. Also I get tingles in my body when this happens, it feels kind of euphoric but not in a good way since it isn't suppose to be happening. God I need to get a EEG!

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