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Prescribed citalopram what will this do to my hppd

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ok so i went to doctors today as I have been feeling so anxious and fucked up lately with my other health issues work issues and gf issues my life feels like its spiralling out of control if I could I would shoot myself but i have neither the bottle or harshness to do it to my family then again they do my fucking head in well my mum does


i literlally have hit rock bottom so anyway went to docs prescibed me this to make me feel better but if this is gonna fuck up my visuals i dont wanna start taking that 


also prescibed me promethazine as i have had trouble sleeping and always feel very sick 

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I been taking citilopram since about 8 months after my HPPD started and it hasn't made my HPPD worse at all. In fact it's help me defeat HPPD related anxiety and effectively saved my life. I am now in the process of gradually coming off it. The first few weeks are tough and you do feel like it is getting worse, but nce you power through it will work wonders.

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