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Well the last time I can remember I felt great was when I worked out, I went from 160 to 185 in 3 months and was pretty much getting beastly. It also made me feel great mentally. After dealing with this HPPD crap for a few years now and at my lowest I was 125 pounds(currently 145) I have come to the conclusion medicine just won't work for me(besides hydrocodone :) but that is just out of the question.)  I have went from 30 mg of valium a day to just 10mg and I take it at night(I plan on being completely off it in a month), I have quitted my temazepam but I will continue tramadol for a few months and gabapentin for about 6 months. I don't know how these supplements will affect my medicine but if I experience any negative crap I will just discontinue my meds.


This is pretty freakin pricey but hell if it gets me feeling well again it is worth it, also if anyone is looking for really good vitamins or supplements these are about the best you can get. I get my protein and carbs from honeyvillegrain.com and make my own weight gainer. I use to drink a gallon of organic whole milk everyday which was freakin great but I can't afford that atm >.< my eating habits won't be so great at first because I am broke as a joke right now but plan on having a decent diet here in a month or 2. I will report back here and there of my results and any changes. I have not tried sulbutiamine or picamilon but have read some interesting stuff on them(mixed experiences but that comes with anything.) Picamilon crosses the BBB and then is hydrolyzed into GABA and niacin. I am going to try it orally and see what happens with it, if nothing I will cut back the dosage and do it sublingually. Any thoughts or recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you


My workout plan is just bulking for 6 months

4-5k calories

300-350g protein

550-600g carbs




4 tablets a day(2 servings)


1 serving per day


3 tabs 1 serving per  day


6 softgels(6 servings) per day


1 serving 500mg


3 caps per day


4 grams per day (I press my own pills)


5ml per day

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It is shit! Lol, I am only taking Gabapentin now, I quit my Valiums which my doctor wasn't to happy about since I went from 30 mg to nothing in a few days. I got off the Tramadol because I didn't want to deal with any more withdrawals and I was on that for like only 3 weeks. My anxiety has shot through the roof I have been homebound for the past 5 days but it is slowly going away. My symptoms have ramped up pretty bad and symptoms I though were gone while I was doing opioids have came back 2 fold. I am going to wait it out another week and see if I get better if not fuck it I am going to make some Ayahuasca tea and drink a tad bit everyday. I don't know if it is like LSD where you can only take it like once a week or it really won't do anything but I don't plan on taking enough to make me trip or even close. I will probably try to trip on it after like 5 days of constant using just to see if I can but that will be the only time I try to trip on it. I will also add in Lutein and Zeaxanthin, people say it helps with their photophobia and other visual symptoms like afterimage and everything else. Other then that I haven't gotten any benefits from any supplements I am currently taking, I will just stick with vitamins, fish oil and a few other things but drop the nootropics if I don't get any benefits from them next week.


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