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Anyone up for the hardest detox?


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I do not want to try it so I leave it to someone else, I have made it to 7 days then quit. It's called the lemonade diet or the master cleanse. Google it. Basically you don't eat or take any supplements, this includes medication and smoking. Basically you drink this lemonade drink you make for 10 days while drinking sea salt throughout the day to poo. Just throwing out a good detox for anyone who wants to get their self clean. There are people who do this for months it is crazy I started craving Mexican food so I quit on day 7 lol. If anyone wants to detox themselves to the point where you are basically fully cleansed and report back if it has helped their HPPD that would be awesome. As we all know a healthy body is a healthy mind. Good Luck if anyone decides to try this!


P.S. The first 3 days are freakin hard but you do lose the craving for food shortly after so keep that in mind if you decide to try this, make it past 3 days and it gets better.

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guardian comment:


 Detoxification is definitely not nonsense. Colonics possibly are. Its dangerous to group it all together.

You only have to understand the up regulation of detoxification phase I and phase II, alongside the premise of biochemical individuality to know that some individuals have impaired regulation and some do not. The environment that some people surround themselves in puts load on this system, and there are many cofactors needed by the cytochrome p450 enzymes essential for healthy detoxification which can be deficient. You also only need to start to study toxicology to know that regular small doses of toxins can have long term effects on human physiology.

Clearly there is a need to differentiate between what are marketing and "gimmicks" and what us clear science. But please spend some time reading up your biochemistry before making swift judgements.

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