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hey all


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i havent been hre in a while, just seein who still posts here. this was a good place. i have respect for it. hppd. i miss talking to lotta you, made me feel like there was something i could relate to. still no cure here but i havent been lookin to tell you the truth. been livin good how i wants bout it.so yea praise be to lol and a howlin goodmorning to everyone i dont know..  miss yall old ppl. U know ;)

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Im just a poor kid in college, but yea I am writing a book about hppd, its a fiction but there are alot of real events in it. since i Quit smoking weed and started on choline/piracetam my static has cut in half! (I still take hallucinogens regularly too!) lately i have been in a much better place mentally and I think that prolly helps, to be honest i have had HPPD so long it isn't even what bothers me in my day to day life anymore, i'm much more worried about getting the bills paid and finishing my reports/homework on time, girls, to be totally honest the only girl I ever really loved has HPPD and i believe this was the case because I related to her the best, I felt like she understood what it is like and that mattered alot back when it impacted my life. I still have DP/DR and all of my different visuaL aspects, but its like been 13 years scince that began so I barely let it through my thoughts, been having lots of lucid dreams again(weed ruined that for me for a long time)EVERY NIGHT is like living a whole nother' life, I still have visuals in my dreams though lol, went on a meth binge not too long ago... ;)  This forum changed alot, But I have nothing but love and empathy for anyone who still feels that this "disorder" makes them "suffer", and to all who are new and still feel overwelmed, try to change your perception about your altered perception. It really does help. I wish you all nothing but good fortune.

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