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Question: Has Xanax actually decreased visual symptoms for you?


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I've not tried Xanax, but all Benzo's do pretty much the same thing, the main difference is whether they are mainly anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic etc. However I've tried a fair few Benzo's and all have given some degree of relief from visual symptoms, there have been reports of Xanax improving visuals too. However, as far as Benzo's go, Clonazepam seems the most efficacious in treating the visual side of HPPD.


So if you have the choice I'd definitely opt for the Clonazepam over the Xanax.

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Thanks for the reply but I would like hear first hand experiences only or links to. Also, did the visual relief encompass all symptoms or were some more than others. Could you be specific in which benzo and which symptom? Thanks.

My intense visual symptoms are more to do with light vs. Movement and such.

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I did xanax once after I got HPPD and it did help a lot except I still felt some sensations in my brain (that have only been there since I got HPPD) so I know it wasn`t a complete cure. It just masks the problem. I don`t want to deal with withdrawals and side effects so I`m staying away from meds for as long as I can.

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