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Sinemet Trial


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Update: the dose I took yesterday didn't seem like it did anything, however the results from two of the visual tests that I took suggest that there was some improvement to my vision. The tests were a form test and a motion test and I had previously taken both in February. Apparently in HPPD patients there is an imbalance between the form and the motion test. My form test sensitivity was slightly reduced compared to normal and the difference between my motion and form tests was exaggerated compared to normal. After the sinemet my results went back into the normal range. I will continue taking one pill a day for the next couple of days before increasing to two and then three.

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Not really. I'm going up to three pills tomorrow but it doesn't look like this is going to do anything significant for me. I also have several issues with the Abraham study and am very irked by Abraham generally.


Interesting that is shows up on tests but not with your perception.  Any side effects?


What bugs (irks) you about Dr A?

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