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When I wake up in the morning, I see OEV. Anyone else?

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Couldnt find the right picture but generalizing it, im seeing a square grid kind of, (its not perfectly uniform or anything), in the form of CEV colors[but its not CEV]. So that neony-purple and afterimagish color.

It only happens right after I wake up in the morning and it simply goes away (pretty fast) like an after image would. If i blink, it would come back momentarily but eventually it fades. 


Just for reference but not really what i see.http://awesomewallpapers.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/squares-black.jpg



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Sometimes I see this:

Though it can be any time, it happens in the morning sometimes too. Usually only when I feel like complete drained feces though.
Well I guess it's persistent in a way, though the speeds vary related to cognition/mood/anxiety/fatigue/etc. and it becomes very in-your-face when it goes batshit.

But I don't really see grids. I can see purples in many things though. Screw purple (joke).

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State of Regret, today it was sparkling dots of many colors for me too. Again, it only lasts like 30 seconds.

Is this what the more 'severe' hppders experience when they say flashes of light in vision and stuff hmm.


For eyes shaking, When i look at something like 30 inches away and open my eyes really wide, i can see that horizontal edges/lines shake up and down. I dont know if thats just vision/brain processing problem or if my eyes are actually shaking.

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^ I more or less figured everyone had flashes of lights, but of course that's a little presumptuous. I know mine are constantly present, at high frequency too, and it can be quite tiring to see a strobe light all day, haha. At its worst I get these white flashes across a large part of, or my whole visual field, sometimes black flashes too, especially in my left upper visual field. However sometimes I feel decent and the lights flash slowly, kind of like a slow wave, which gives me a break. Flashes/flickers are my most pronounced visual symptoms though.

As for the eyes shaking thing: I haven't experienced that myself, but I would suppose you could try relaxing, closing your eyes in the dark, and observe whether you feel any movement in your eye.

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Sometimes my vision will flicker, like a light bulb behind me turned off and on, but it happens less than once a day. 


WIth the strobing thing, its like dippin-dots icecream in my vision. but the bright purply neony color. goes away fast tho. 


For my eyes thing, its interesting that it only happens when my eyes are focused at a certain distance. 


I see waves in CEV. 

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New visual effect yet again. 


Couple days ago, I was driving for a while, 150km or so and when i stopped and looked at the road infront of me, it was zooming out. It was 100% obvious.


And today, stopping at my apartment hallway and the edges of other peoples doors were wobbling. I thought I had wobbling before but this was a new high. 


Also noticed that halos sometimes create a web-ish kind of effect sometimes with colors like a reflection of rainbow you would see on glass.


In both instances i probably inhaled some second hand smoke (though i went on a smoke binge on this roadtrip and didnt really notice a significant worsening of any symptoms), in fact i think i match another person's account where smoking stimulates the symptoms for a short bit then brings it down a notch. 


My symptoms have been slowly but always been getting worse. (3-4month in now)

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