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Ceretropic now have limited supply of sublingual Coluracetam in stock!

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Their page states:


Extremely Limited Supply! Act Now!

Product contains (60) 20mg doses of Coluracetam in a sublingually absorbable solution.


I'm personally going to hold off because I've got other treatment options in the pipeline/can't really justify this purchase at the moment/etc. but I know a few people are interested so I figured this was definitely worth its own thread.

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I got the impression that they'd unintentionally listed the product earlier than they had it in stock, and if I'm not mistaken removed it from their site after realising? Perhaps I'm wrong. A user on Longecity pointed out today that they had some in stock so I assumed they'd actually gotten it in and had relisted it on their site.

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Yeah, what a bummer. It's frustrating; it seems like realistically accommodating international purchases would be so easy for the benevolence and increased customer-base it would afford yet so many otherwise quality businesses are US/Canada-centric. I guess it goes without saying though that the other nootropic stores will follow suit soon enough so it's not too much of a loss. I purchased a skincare product from Vantage.cc over the weekend and took the opportunity to inquire about coluracetam - he expressed his frustration with the numerous delays but assured me it'd be 6 weeks maximum. Lets hope!

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