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Now WHAT is the treathment!

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Iam getting so sick of this DP/DR HPPD and no emotions, onkly fear.

I there anyone who is cured?


Please share your meds tips and tricks!

I am so freaking afraid of everything i must do, that it isnt called a life anymore,


I want to accept, but what i really want is to talk normal with people without "the zombie look" Think more clearer, and i want a girl.

Only thing is always talk negative about stuff, i dont want to be negative, but positive, i dont feel it!


What does help?


I know meds give some relief, bit clonazepam is hellish. Again today in a cinema a pannick attack goddamnti

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I know it can be a fucking nightmare. By the grace of god or whatever I'm still here. And that's the thing. You gotta keep going.

Yesterday I felt better, less head fog, was thinking clearer. Was able to hold conversation, Less panic so it got better for me. Although briefly, it gave me hope.

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