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Dr. Abraham examines and grades my 2 year project

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It is official. Dr. Henry David Abraham will be the formal examiner of my written HPPD research project and the outside examiner present at my oral defense with my professors.

The date of the oral examination is Monday, May 9 · 9:00am - 10:00am. This will be the final peace to the completion of this first chapter in my academic life that has taken too long.

I hope to have it recorded, and then publish the video or audio on the web site.

All my best,


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David, you are a champion in my eyes, a man strong enough to fight back against this curse. Your journey, going through school with this disorder, is something so difficult, I can personally attest. It gives me hope for the future, at a time in which I have little. Even of you don't find reliable treatment, if these neuro-sensory aliments prove uncurable, at least there is one of us trying.

Good luck

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