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Anyone have their HPPD go into some sort of remission?


I still have all the visuals, which worsen and better depending on whats going on with me.



But my very situational DP and anxiety has completely faded.


Used to be if I drank the next day I would have horrible DP. 


Also if I ever smoked cannabis I would full on trip.




Anyways I dont know what I did, or if it was just the time I took off in life. But all of those problems have completely faded. Seemingly, anyways. I'm still really, really paranoid its all gonna smack me in the face one morning.


Anyone have something similar happen? Am I playing with fire?


My drinking and cannabis intake is definitely at a high right now. No pun intended. . .


Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by divulging information I am not entirely sure of. I'm about to stop doing all of this, though. I just gotta little out of control for a few weeks.

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I will add something to this tomorrow because I have been experiencing something similar. I started typing an account but a benzo is kicking in and I can't finish it sufficiently right now. I'll revise it properly tomorrow and post. Glad to see someone else is experiencing something similar simultaneously. 

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Glad to hear it! And yes, HPPD does sometimes get better on its own - let us never forget that :-)


Have you been taking any medication of any kind?


Also, I'm begging you to not smoke cannabis. It was due to a synthetic cannabinoid that my low-grade, mainly visual HPPD turned into full-on HPPD. I mean, why would you even take a chance like that, seeing that you know that you're susceptible to HPPD. 

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Well do remember that if you have no reason to be anxious and don't have any underlying anxiety disorders then there would be no reason for you to be anxious. I really would recommend laying off the cannabis though, it only takes a cannabis induced panic attack or smoking that little too much to send you into HPPD hell. 

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Yeah, as I said. I plan on stopping. Or I am, now. I was just out of town with friends and thats the only thing they do. My hope is that one day Ill be able to get high CBD strains of cannabis. I think that would reduce any ill effects on my hppd greatly.

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