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Percentage suffering from DP/DR


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  1. 1. Percentage suffering from either DP, DR or both

    • I have HPPD and suffer from DP/DR.
    • I have HPPD and do not suffer from DP/DR.
    • Other.

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My question is simple: Do you suffer from derealization/depersonalization?


I'm interested in seeing how widespread this symptom (or cluster of symptoms) is.


I do not personally suffer from DP/DR, as far as I am aware (and I guess that it is the sort of thing you'd notice), but those of you who do have my deepest sympathies.


I posted this poll in this forum category, rather than in the DP/DR category, in the hopes that we'd get a more representative sample of the forum population answering it.


Thanks in advance - crossing my fingers that the poll will work as intended! :-)

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