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The med cocktail what keeps you going.

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I am interested in people who use medication which make life with HPPD + DP/DR liveable.


I take: 0.7mg rivotril-20mg lexapro-25mg lamotrigine-25mg seroquel.


The worst thing is my i dont see well anymore, everything is blurry and I dont recognize people from distance anymore, what might this be? The lamotrigine or seroquel?



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ambien for sleep.. i didnt want to take it nightly but i want to sleep more than i dont want to take it..


imiprimine for my stomach.. as it is a mild dosage of a strong anti-dpressant.. well it helps a bit in that area but leaves me feeling meckkk most of the time and even though i rarely eat anymore im packing on weight every month because of the crap..


daily zyrtec to hold back system wide allergies that just well suck.. 


i've kept myself away from anything else for a while.. after mangling my shoulder i was on a heavy painkiller run for almost 2 years, but i proudly went cold turkey on that .. from 5-6 percs a day to none overnight.. didnt crap for a week. wee


other than that i'm my own cocktail for keeping hppd at bay and cant say im very very effective all of the time

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Kellen: I really suggest you try tDCS for DP/DR, if you don't wanna go down the med-route. It's also very safe. It has worked better than anything for me regarding DP/DR. And trust me, I've tried a lot. BTW Prozac didn't help me, and there are very few who benefit from it I believe. I was offered Clonazepam, but I refused. Yes, I want to get rid of this shit just as much as any of you, but I want a sustainable treatment without all the drawbacks of Clonazepam. Clonazepam is like plan Y for me.

Only thing I'm on right now is Keppra, and it's only really helping in regards to sleep, so far that is.
No visual improvements. Or maybe so, but so little it's not worth mentioning nor noticing.

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Daily doses: Keppra 1500mg, Sinemet 200/100mg, Clonazepam 2.25mg

Other: 400mg of magnesium citrate

Need 'em all and kills my severe HPPD completely as long as i am on 'em and do not drink etc. Wont change this (tried many times, no luck) 'til something else, exciting stuff comes up.

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