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Final Week.

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Hello All,

The number of users has almost doubled in the last two weeks. I am asking for prices to order extra hardbound copies of my HPPD text to offer to sell. At about 100 pages, it is the largest single text on HPPD, and will be reviewed and examined by Dr. Henry David Abraham in a formal examination and oral defense examination.

I am including a copy of Horowitz's paper on Flashbacks. Can you identify how many aspects of this disorder that were known and published as an accurate portrait of HPPD (chronic visual type)?

- David


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I relate to Patient B who stated that it sometimes looks like sidewalks would go down hill, or that it would shift under him, my world constantly shifts around me. Sometimes I feel like there is a weak gravitational force pulling me in a separate direction from the floor, like to a wall. My computer monitor is shifting side to side right now as I am typing this. Sometimes I feel these movements in my head and in my body, most times I do not anymore though.

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