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Im not working at the moment.. i find im useing face book as a massive escape from HPPD (tho its not really escaping)   How bad is this for my head ? I need to be re-training my brain  with reading and other exersizes... i suppose looking into  screen alot of the time is really not doing me any good .. Thaughts please...   fuck its cronic,, like its an 'escape' tho a bad one

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Personally, i think it is great. It can keep you social during those times you just lock yourself away from actual human contact. It makes conversation easier, when you do venture out, as you know what people have been up to.


Other than staring at the screen, i don't really see a negative.


If you enjoy it and it brings a bit of relief from just worrying about symptoms, go for it.

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^ I had that exact article in mind. Just couldn't find it so I didn't bother posting.

Personally I skim through it a little out of boredom. But honestly I freaking hate talking to my friends for various reasons, and often I find myself reluctant (perhaps brain fog or anxiety causes this) to reply to messages. I've got about 5 unanswered mails from people, and it seems like a difficult task rather than a social outing.

Planning to delete all my my internet identities once this is all over though. It's just too much baggage really. I might start a fresh blog for friends and family, but Facebook is just too uppity for my taste. Besides, subtracting the ease of use might provide for a better insight to who would take the initiative to write you a postal letter or give you a phone call, ultimately showing who's really interested. And I'm going to change my "real" name. Just a total fresh start: no more fragmented self-images. That is, once I feel there is no such issue anymore.

Derailed a bit there.. About FB though.. Hmm spending most of your day using a computer is unhealthy, regardless of the activity. Yet perhaps indeed with FB the reward system is specifically royally fudged.. I'd say it just adds to illusions really. Besides, personally I believe that if I don't a desire to interact with people face-to-face, then what purpose do social medias serve really? It's a different story if I actually want to speak to those people, instead of hiding behind FB in an attempt to avoid actually meeting them because I have nothing else on my mind but my own dilemma's. If, in real life (hehe..), I find again the desire to socialize with people, then I would guess Facebook would just be an extension really, rather than something to spend hours doing.

Yet often I find myself thinking: "Wow.. it just feels like I'm talking to myself, or talking to the computer."
It's so dull, just plain text, not even written by hand.

In conclusion: As long as you don't tweet and twinkle every time you take a dump and scratch your nose, I'm sure it won't be that bad.
Everything in moderation I suppose.

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sure, agreed... i find it  bit of a waste of time, and really.. other people do not know anything about me in real life...   I just figured, reading and other such activitys would possibly be good for the brain and re connecting pathways maybe, i may have seen this written in an artice on Hppd and exersizing your brain...  oh this is it here    http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-HPPD     :)

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here's a question.. do you play any games like chess or backgammon? if so some social gaming sites like zooescape function as a good place for social outing, while keeping it bound to a narrower range of topics (which for me at least helps keep me from just thinking to myself fuck all you people i dont want to read about the size of the shit you took after eating taco bell" .. and also backgammon is a killer way to keep your mind occupied. I play something like 50 games concurrently at any given time (you have a few days to make a turn).. but i find myself constantly going back because mixing the backgammon in with everything else i do keeps the brain nice and sharp and helps keep me from thinking ooooh what a pretty rainbow that is floating in front of my face.


other than that yeah.. i tend to keep away from social media. to me social media is the epitome of living in the land of make believe. the minute you put your life on display for everyone it is no longer "your life" .. it becomes doing what you expect others to expect you to do or whatever will get you the most likes. i dont need facebook to tell me what my friends like.. i can ask them myself. 


but i guess on the other hand for those who find themselves unable to make connections in person anymore having someone to communicate with in any type of social forum is better than no interactions at all

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