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Hello as well.


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Hi all :)  I'm a girl from Washington.

I believe that I have some form of HPPD.. I'm three months in.. still an hppd baby.

My symptoms include visual snow, dp/dr. Patterns swim and move, like ceiling tiles will shuffle. I get frame vision, seems to be a rarer symptom for people. I had it BAD for a week, everything was shuttering, picture frame movement. Now I only have it when I look at something for the first time, it will shutter. I have head pressure, tinnitus, numbness in extermeties, and the biggest migraines. I sometimes get this eerie vivid high definition like vision. I also feel very fuzzy headed. Can’t think anymore. Something is clearly wrong with my CNS.


I am really determined not to let this ruin my life. I'm going to continue my studies.. try to keep doing everything I wanted.

I'm just starting to lose hope for recovery.. I feel fried, and I don't think I have the normal HPPD case that gets better.


Anyways. The drugs that caused this for me was a bad string of "molly." I bought from some people I didn't know.. and it had something bad in it that didn't like my chemical balance.


To make things better I exercise, relax, do yoga. I have almost become more social after hppd, I just want to be around people for support. I like to take 5-htp to decrease anxiety and sad feelings. I was taking ginko ( but stopped because I heard it causes headaches), fish oil, multivitamin, and B12.


I guess only time will tell what will happen with me. It is so hard to stay away from alcohol.. I love the bars and my friends. Since my onset my symptoms have been extremely variable. I always tell myself with a bad symptom.. give it ONE WEEK. Usually in one week, things are different.


So theres a little bit about me :)


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Welcome to the forum.... Sounds like you are doing all the right things to get on the path to recovery.


There are a few reports of 5htp making people's vision worse, so maybe avoid that, for now (It was ok for me, but we all seem to be different). Inositol might be a good option to try.


Also don't beat yourself up if you go out and have a drink... We all cope differently and staying social has alot of benefits. Just try and do everything you can to minimize your drinking, if you normally have a gin and tonic... have less gin and more tonic.... It's amazing how just having the glass in your hand and being in the right setting can get you in the party mood, even if the drink hardly has any alcohol in it.


Good luck, Jay

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