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Still Getting Worse 1 and a half weeks after weed binge


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So, I decided to smoke weed like a dumbass a a week and a half ago. Since then ive had trails, positive after images, head pressure, fatigue, crazy dreams, and the past couple days, my depersonapization has gotten worse. Keep in mind, the head pressure and depersonalization only appeared a week after the experience. Im really scared of what my future holds. I feel like I was on the edge of recovery and I fucked it up. My depersonalization was almost entirely gone and now its worse again. Evenworse,im scheduled to go see family in virginia on a road trip in 3 and a half weeks. Do you think this will resolve in that time period? If not I dont know what im goingto do :(

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So sorry to hear that!
Most likely the 3 weeks will be enough for things to clear up, at least a little. 
However, perhaps you can try tweaking your doses of the supps your taking.
Have another search on Theanine.. Try upping the dose to twice 200mg a day.
Maintain all your healthy habits despite this setback.
If your feeling anxious, you could consider adding an anxiolytic (e.g. Ashwagandha) for a short period (up to a month).
Just explain to your family what has happened if they question what's up.
Maybe cut back on the Melatonin, as it can cause some strange dreams sometimes.
Let us know how it goes, and good luck :)

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Yep, there is every chance the the stress, worry and guilt are causing this, not the weed itself.


The best 1st step is to accept that you might fall off the wagon occasionally and not beat yourself up over it. You WILL return to baseline, so just keep calm and it will level back out.

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Dont worry. I got issues from 2nd hand CB. I spoke with another person who had the same experience at two times and both times it took him 3-4 weeks before it got better and 5-7 weeks before baseline. My experience is the same. Took me four weeks to get functional, before that i had a lot of anx. Now i have migraines since i am starting to get better, 5 weeks post the toxic exposure. The migraines comes because i start to do things again but stil a bit fragile minded with slight visuals. Dr. Halpern adress the need to try not to focus on symptoms for a better healing progress.

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Wow, thanks merkan! Thats very encouraging! I havemt been letting the symptoms get to me so that should help. If anything im a bit depressed. Not even the least bit anxious anymore. There are actually some symptoms that I entertain myself with when Im bored. Lol

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I'm always confused about how weed can make ppl have increased symptoms after a couple days. I smoke daily and when I quit for a while, I just go through weed w/d's (sweating, anxiety, lack of appetite and sleep). It has to be the klonopin I'm on allowing me to smoke it because I already had panic anxiety dis. pre hppd?? Feel better soon!!


PS. now that I think of it during my first ten yrs of hppd weed gave me a lot more visuals ect.. then currently.

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