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Im curious, how do you guys cope? Now that I cant smoke or do any drugs life is so difficult and painful. Its like there is nothing that gives me relief. Hobbies only occupy my time, I dont get any joy out of life. My concentration is shot. My personality is gone because of dp, and starbursting is driving me crazy. What can I do to give me some kind of relief? Is drinking totally out of the question, or will it worsen my symptoms? Is there any drug I can do to get some sort of relief?

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It's a contentious point on here... but I personally don't have any problems with a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine (or sometimes a full on party).


It only affects me for a day or two, and now i have Klonopin at hand, that pretty much removes any hangover. The trade off is worth it.... I get a good night out, where i feel pretty good and have fun with my friends.


Other things that bring me pleasure... Playing football (soccer), surfing, sex and watching alot of stand up comedy.

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Benzos will probably relieve your anxiety but they should not be taken regularly.  They are very addictive and you would go through hell getting off them.  Excercise is a good habit to get into.  Strenuous excercise sometimes increase HPPD symptoms.  That is why I recommended Chi Kung, especially Chi-Lel.  Yoga is also a good option.  You can purchase DVDs of beginning yoga and Chi-Lel.

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This is, more or less, my weekly routine in terms of things that take the stress out of my life a bit. This is not some guideline to follow, just my own, personal situation.


Monday - Gym, weights

Tuesday - Gym, cardio

Wednesday - Gym, cardio/weights... Couple of glasses of wine at night

Thursday - 200mg Phenobartital

Friday - Gym, cardio/weights... 0.5mg Klono (not always)... Few beers at night

Saturday - 1mg Klono... Play football/soccer... 5-6 beers at night

Sunday - 1.5mg Klono


Add a bit of surfing, some long walks on the beach and sex into the mix.... This combo has softened the edges of my life

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Man I turned to pain pills and eventually heroin to just blackout my reality becuase I didnt want to deal with any of it but please don't do this. im now clean from all that crap and the methadone and I only take klonopin as needed now when things get a little too hairy for me to handel.


But exercise is a healthy hobby to take up. Mainly freeweghts and competitive sports (basketball is what I play). Also take up interest in intellectual studies about subjects you might be interested in. Indulge yourself in ideas that stimulate your thinking and that in itself can be good therapy for this awful disorder.


Here is a good bit of poetry i've memorized that has kept me motivated to stay straight and try to continue on with life with this HPPD:


"Cattle die and kinsmen die

And so must oneself die

But there is one thing I know which never dies

And that is the fame of a dead man's deeds."


It's obviously from older poetry but it is dead on accurate.

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