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i dont know anymore

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there are things i could say here, other than my general disbilief, how things have chaqnged in this existance, i miss all o yall reall hppders, now please just exist and get past all that stupid dp/dr. I personally go for empty. I want to tell you about the time i decided to mutiliate my brain because of something a beautiful person told me, but thats too personal, and it was like when i was 16, I been writing a book though, only somewhat about hppd, more about being a stupid partier in the U.S. I am at a point where i could finish the book, but i have to make writing about a "social engineering" group that has come to bemerry by existance, and although i would love to write mostly truth, I really dont want to make these Unknown"anon" ppl sound like total chickenfucking assholes! so all o yall mofizz, give me a shout out, maybe yall b getrs in my writ! up and on the peril of my life!!

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