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4th attempt at klono taper


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So 4th attempt I have been down on .25 twice a day for a few months now almost a year actually and decided cant wait until the 1st to see psychiatrist about sinemet. Been to long and things just getting worse I generally have no idea what day or time it is anymore. Been on klonopin for five years total. So tonight just started 3/4 of a pill at night. Really want to go slow but maybe to slow?

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OK, here are my thoughts:

A lot of people use the drug for its sleep-aid effects. So taking it at night is not a bad thing. But in terms of it going into your body and getting metabolized there isn't a huge difference in taking 1/4mg 2x a day or 3/4 at night. You can go that route I suppose but i would do it differently if I were you. (Although that route may be more effective for you so IDK). You can go to an 1/8 in the day and then 1/4 at night (and then eventually to 1/8 at night).

Or if you have Ativan you could take a ~1/4 mg 2x a day and start dropping Klonopin a lot faster taking in that you take the 1/4mg Ativan and maybe a ~1/16mg of Klonopin (at the same time). Eventually I think you can get to a point where you are taking like ~1/64 of Klonopin and like ~1/8 of Ativan.

It seems somewhat complicated and maybe slightly irrational, but it isn't in my eyes. Most doctors usually don't try these things this way. But i have found this to be very effective in getting me off benzos. (Of course, Consult your doc.....b/c i am not a physician). But, I was basically off benzos for 2 months using this method. But i still have had some anxiety come back ...and now i take it occasionally, maybe once or twice a week i take 1/8-1/4 of Ativan and the tiniest minuscule chip of Klonopin (together)(Maybe like a 1/64 or something....lol). Ativan is more immediate and for me the Ativan is more like

baby-aspirin for me, while the Klonopin is like regular Aspirin. (Keep in mind that Ativan in large doses taken a lot and quickly stopped is still somewhat dangerous). These are my thoughts and are not by any means the objective truth for all people, but maybe for some.

I hope i kinda helped a bit. Thanks.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Mg-the 1/8th and 1/4th sounds a little quick for me if I understand you correctly. I have tried to withdraw from klono 3 times I believe. Cutting it down a half every day was awful lol. I'm hoping its just not to slow though I guess if there is such a thing. I haven't been able to get into a psychiatrist so not sure on the time table. Make a cut every couple weeks or two weeks? More concerned I got a concert and spring break in march want to be sorta stable

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