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Synthetic weed (K2, spice, etc.)

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has anyone else seen this K2 stuff around? it's been popular among my friends (high schoolers) for a while now, and is just starting to catch the eye of the law. a few of the chemicals people make it with are illegal, though you can still get a dozen different kinds of it at any given gas station or smoke shop. cheap too. I've even started to see people homemaking their own shit, which i do not trust one bit, even less than the marketed stuff.

personally, i've smoked quite a bit of it (3 grams a week usually), because i was getting drug tested for a few months. some of it really does get you very, very high, while some of it is worthless. But the stuff that works had me feeling like i was on acid again; my vision was going crazy, my anxiety spiked and my tinitus sounded like an army of cicadas in my brain. i don't know why i kept smoking it, it seems so illogical now, but i think it definitely worsened my symptoms in the long run, especially DR and VS.

I think I'd stay away from the stuff if I could go back and do it again, but what's done is done.

Anyone else have any experience with it?

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I smoked a few hits off a blunt of it one day, I dont know why. Then again I also tried a quarter of a line of coke and thought my head was gonna explode hahaha. But yeah man, I honestly feel like that stuff is bad for you, even if you dont have HPPD, stay away from that garbage man! Be safe.

And yeah man, I smoked weed pretty constantly since december, even though it made me anxious and I knew it was affecting my symptoms...we all falter man, im sure youll come back to baseline eventually, my afterimages got worse, but the rest has been slowly improving...it's hard to drop your lifestyle man, i guess i did it to appear, and feel, somewhat normal...and it made me pretty apathetic...at least i was high.

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Yeah, that synthetic shit can fuck you up even without hppd. I know a kid who did some and it had a deliriant effect on him. He flipped a shit in school and was not able to tell his hallucinations appart from reality. I am pretty active in a few drug forums and you will be hard to find someone who actually recommends it. People get headaches from it, are absolutely paranoid and think they are dying. The list goes on and on.

Don't do it. At least wait to your HPPD has gone.

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he synthetics are the worst!!

Please be wise and if you're going to smoke, just smoke some weed. It was research chemicals (those fucking R2D2's) that gave me HPPD.

Who the hell knows what these new synthetic drugs will do. Don't be the guinea pig!


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