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Loss of sense of balance?

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I woke up about 4 hours ago and when getting up, I felt as if my sense of balance was gone. I couldn't walk straight and everything around me seemed to move and I coldn't say wherefrom noises, voices or other things came. I still feel very uneasy about this. I didn't take any medicine or drugs or something for several weeks. I just woke up and it was like this. and still is.

Does this relate to HPPD? Or are there other reasons? Lately I discovered many new hppd-symptoms for me, things I never had before, like for a few moments everything I saw looked as if thorugh a pink glass, next day the same, but with a bluegreen colour. This skipping of symptoms is really strange and makes me feel uncomfortable, but not as much as my gone sense of balance does. Neverhad soemthing like that before, just when being on drugs, but I am definately not at the moment.

Please, can anyone tell me, what's wrong with me?

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I have had something similar when my hppd start. But it was an effect of the fear of die by a "brain tumor" etc... The loss of sense of balance was disappeared two weeks later, but sometimes when im very tired, comes back, but its more a light "lack of orientation".

Meadow: what kind of med did you take several weeks ago? Maybe its some kind of side effect, but you need to see a doctor. Loss of sense of balance could be anything.. an infection in the ear...or your minds playing tricks with you etc.

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Thanks to everyone so far. My panic is gone and when I get myself to analyze that feeling (which still is here, but not as intense as at this morning) it feels like a different state of dp/dr too.

What I've taken a few weeks ago, was not really med, but psilocybin. The trip itself didn't mix up with my hppd, and afterwards it was gone for a few days, but then it came back stronger, but after a week it decreased again to what it has been before and in some points even lower. But now and then I discover new symptoms or old ones increase.

I know that it's no good idea to take those mushrooms with hppd. But the trip gave me a new look at life and myself and everything and I am really glad that I did it, even when it means more hppd. The increasing might have been here without mushrooms too, so ... well, I just don't know what would have been happening without, but I feel better the way it is. Of course the lack of sense of balance is something I'd like to get rid off, but what I've learned about the world is much more important for me.

But I don't want to encourage anyone here to do the same!!

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Guest FlyedPiper

I have dyspraxia from HPPD/DP/DR.... that's difficulty walking in a straight line and difficulty with spacial awareness (I shoulder check walls and door frames and such a lot).

It should get better with time. One thing I've learned is that all of these symptoms are cyclical in their severity. Usually for me it requires a med adjustment and a low stress environment and it improves.

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