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Your post is quite relevant to my HPPD experience i'd say. I've never sought to have treatment or take medicinal drugs to aid it. I've always beleived I could beat this shit with my mind and that alone. I've made wonderous leaps and bounds towards seeing clear again, just through chellenging the illness outright and telling myself, im in control, not the HPPD.

As far as any good that has come from my drug experiences... hmm... it's hard for me to say much... however I do beleive my HPPD motivated me to an extent which caused me to join the army so i could challenge it (HPPD) further and further. So i suppose my drug experiences helped me to become what I am today, to a degree.

I also met my ex-girlfriend because of drug use. I knew her on and off, but during that shy time in my life, drugs were what helped me express my feelings.

Nowadays though... I'm a solid, confident, strong individual and don't really attribute drugs to aiding my life in any way... those last 2 examples were just all in the spirit of the topic.

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