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Neramexane is a drug related to memantine,[1] which acts as an NMDA antagonist[2] and has neuroprotective effects.[3] It is being developed for various possible applications, including treatment of tinnitus[4][5], Alzheimer's disease,[6]drug addiction[7] and as an analgesic.[8] Animal studies have also suggested antidepressant[9] and nootropic[10] actions, so there are a wide range of potential applications this drug may be used for. It also acts as a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist.[11]

What do you guys think could this help

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I never have heard of it [certainly sounds interesting] but i have heard less than perfect effectiveness with Namenda [memantine].

Somehow the whole thing led me to this stuff [maybe some supplement guys will get a kick out of this]: Cat's Claw




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According to the range of studies, you would think this drug was the cure for everything. Or, a drug seeking a purpose. This is a kind way of saying the drug has a similar structure and belongs to the same family of drugs that include PCP and Ketamine so it is being tested on just about everything hoping it does something (ok, maybe that assumes negative opinions about the drug-pipeline process). To be fair, the difference between Ecstasy (MDMA) --> Methamphetamine (MA) --> Amphetamine (A) --> Pseudoephedrine is far larger (on a per atom scale, not per Change in functional group percentage or as a function of percent changed) than Ketamine and Neramexane, but despite the symptom/dis-ease of Tinnitus, the connection to the HPPD-Syndrome-Complex is too far off for serious consideration.

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In my mind, the new model for HPPD might include tinnitus, as a possible symptom [that would obviously not be universal].

This study has no direct connection to HPPD. Sammy has brought us a drug and i will take whatever information i can find that could potentially help someone [..be it HPPD, HPV, or MTV].

I understand that small changes, chemically, of a substance can have drastic change in its effects on its environment and human exposure.

There is not a very large difference between cathinone and bupropion. But I've seen no doctor prescribe Bath Salts to soccer moms who need a little pep to get the kids to school. Or, a kid chewing Khat leaves to power his drive to the soccer goal.

I'd surely eat a banana to provide me with potassium, but devouring a handful of No-Salt seems less appetizing.

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