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Hey. I am having hard time sleeping with HPPD so i take hydroxisine before sleep. It is working pretty good. But visual disturbances make me unable to focus to my work(studying for uni exam). Which drug will help with visual disturbances? Is xanax good? How long do their effects last,and what should be the dosage?. I don't want to get addicted , but scoring high is my goal. If i get addicted i can always take a year off in university after getting for rehab.

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Surely there is a better solution than getting addicted and going to rehab? (tapering from benzos can take years, btw)

What about a regime like:

Monday - 1mg Klono

Tuesday - 1mg Klono

Wednesday - 1mg Klono

Thursday - 1mg Klono

3 days off.

That still runs some addiction risks, but at least you are giving your body a bit of a break and most of your school/college week you will have some relief (even Friday, you should feel some effects, as Klonopin has a long half life). When you have breaks from school/college... Take a break from the benzos too.... This will help avoid addiction and you can probably live the rest of your life on this sort of cycle. Having a regime like this has made my life immeasurably better.

But you have to be very strict with yourself to make sure you don't start taking the pills through the weekend.

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I would try Lorazepam. ...IMO a much better drug than Klonopin and Xanax. But if you are intent on Klonopin take an 1/8 mg ONLY once a week.

Klonopin lasts in your system for like ~10 days.

Xanax is one of those drugs that intelligent psychopharms do not prescribe to new patients who have never been on Xanax.

Getting off Xanax is very very hard. You can get seizures and I personally know 3 or 4 people who cannot get off this drug because of their addiction, W/D anxiety, and seizure-risk; and they will most likely be on the drug the rest of their lives.

Xanaz is a very fast acting drug. It should be totally out of your system in 24 hours.

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Also: Jay is right, in that, Klonopin is used more readily than Xanax and Lorazepam for sleep aid. ..But in my experience it never helped me too much with sleep and i always felt shitty on Klono. Lorazepam gets rid of my visuals a very good deal and i feel clear and calm on it [plus it does;nt stay in your system long, unlike the long lethargic cloudy confused offsetting effects of Klono.].

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My guess is that you should also exercise, stopping caffeine use in the afternoon and night, and a little Benadryl {which is basically the same as hydroxyzine] <---just in the beginning to get you on a better sleep schedule [circadian rhythms]. The other option [not for sleep but for mid-day uni work-help] 5mg Ritalin sparingly only when needed. Talk to the doc.

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Worth noting though that half life does not necessarily mean that the med is working on your receptors (which is what causes addiction). The med gets stored in fatty tissue.

I have used a 3 days on / 4 days off regime for 3 years now, with no sign of addiction.... I know this because I have occasional 2-3 weeks off the med, and, after a little extra anxiety in the first 1-2 days... I see zero signs of withdrawal.... also, the dosage does exactly the same as day one.

I've tried all 3 and klono works best for me and lasts all day, whereas the other two died off towards the evening. If you can, try all 3 and see which suits your needs best.

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