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melting into laughter.

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ok, well standard night dropping acid as far as standard goes. i tripped till my laughter melted into my soul for eternity and i still have a headache from laughing so hard about someone looking me in the eye saying he would never eat candy again, to swimming through an orange which i ate peel and all. but that's beyond the point. I came home tripping balls still, and when i got home i was the only one sober enough to drive my girlfriends friends car to bring them home, so in the middle of a snowstorm i drove 2 drunk people with autism home to a part of town called belvidere, 3 drunks, 2 autistic, 1 tripping and he was the soberest of all. nothing could prepare me for what happened when i went in my girls friends house and her friends boytoy and i were in the kitchen making sandwiches. 2aM IN THE RICH PART OF TOWN making a sandwich with a kid with autism who was drunk, and then her parents wake up, another fiasco, eventually my girlfriend tells me to call her mom for a ride and as soon as the ride arrives i become the asshole for calling for a ride.

all i am saying is that god should not have made a man high on acid have to be the only person in the room with morals and a sense of responsibility, seriously.

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''Sounds like your brain has been melted.''

Balance you've always been cool on these boards, but that's quite harsh to say to somebody suffering w/ hppd regardless of their wild stories.

It was harsh and I apologise, I can't help but feel they are taunting our condition though.

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