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Maybe someone could help me out

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So I've only been experiencing hppd symptoms for about a month now. It's all because I took lsd that turned out to be amt. Worst hangover of my life, and then a few days later I really noticed the visual snow and brain fog. I also noticed after I took my wellbutrin in the morning it got worse. I have been on wellbutrin for almost two years, but now I'm weening myself off of it just because now it's making me feel sedated and such. So...it looks like the amt cured my need for an SNRI, but now I have hppd. Cool. So I just bought some fish oil, folic acid, and b-12 and just got my first b-12 injection which I plan on getting once a week for a month to see if it makes a difference. HOWEVER, I see my psychiatrist in a month. What medicine should I ask for? Does anyone have a similar story to mine or have any suggestions for what kind of medicine to look into and go about this? Thanks in advance.

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