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klonopin makes me retarded

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Ok, so I know one of the side effects of benzos is memory loss, but i get it REALLY bad from klono. even on .5 or 1 mg, the memory loss is so bad that I forget what I was just thinking about or doing in less than 5 minutes. On 2-3 mg, I honestly walk up to people with the intention to talk to them, but then I actually forget what I was gonna say. does this happen to anybody else? Does anybody have any other benzos I could switch to that don't have as many memory problems?

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How long have you been taking it for? I found those side effects disapeared after a month or two

I've been on it for about 1.5 months now but my doses have been pretty well scattered (not everyday). Hopefully it'll stop doing this to me but it's well worth the trade off.

Aren't you pretty young too?

yeah 16

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