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What is this pressure feeling???


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I know some of you guys have the head pressure........what do you do to get rid of it. It used to be a 24/7 thing for me but thankfully it eventually dropped down to an every now and then sort of thing. But when it does come up it drives me absolutely insane. It really really really increases my anxiety and makes me feel really on edge and like I can't really chill out. So what is it and what can I do to get ride of it for good??

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I'm not sure how yours is.....but for me it feels like someone's got a vise on you head-----temples, around the ears, notches on each side of back of the head, and 1-2 inches below the knot at the back of the head, and neck. I feel like i have been hit on the top of the head with a wooden circus tent sledge. Drink water, eat when hungry, asprin, iboprofen, time.

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