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legal highs


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Well apart from the occasional opiate or benzo, Ive been staying sober recently. This is very fucking boring, especially because I'm off school and basically do nothing all day. I mean I would never touch spice, but I'm just wondering if anybody has tried the following legal herbs and whether or not it affected their HPPD:




I'm especially interested in Kratom, as it's a legal opioid. I mean I gotta stock up on that shit before it's illegal either way lol. Anyways, I'll never touch these if anybody reports negative affects but they all seem to have anxiolytic effects from what I've read up on them. don't get mad at me for posting this, I'm just bored and curious. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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all I asked was if people tried these anxiolytic herbs and what affect it had on HPPD. I ain't messing with anything, I'm asking a fucking question to make sure it'll be safe whether or not I decide to take the plunge.

thanks for you worries I guess?

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I tried Kratom, did nothing for me.... Didn't feel any kind of opiate buzz and was expensive as hell... tried tea and resin, neither worked... tried the recomended dose (and above).

I seem to remember Merkan having a bad reaction to it too... So probably best to avoid.

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For me, Kratom is really cool. But sometimes it causes visuals itself, but they are different from hppd-visuals. When I am really on that feeling, everything is fine. There are my symptoms, but I don't care at all about them. I guess Kratom affects another part of the brain or something like that. I feel really good after taking Kratom. Sonmetimes I don't even notice visual snow or other things and well, yeah, it is justalright for me.

On the other hand I can't handle alcohol anymore. A little amount of it sends me through hell. Therefore you have to be careful and somehow find out what works best for you.

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