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Hey everyone.

As some of you might know, David Kozin is in the early stages of writing a book on the dangers of the use of the term "flashbacks" in a diagnostic setting. The book will introduce people to HPPD and tap into a lot of latent distrust of the DSM, APA, and psychological establishment in general. Hopefully we'll have a real effect on the way HPPD and drug-induced disorders in general are handled in the new edition of the DSM.

At this point David is just working on fundraising. We're hoping to raise 5000$--basically just to keep us alive and with wifi for the period it takes to get the book finished. I'll post a link to the kickstarter donation page as soon as we have it all figured out.

But we need your help: To aid in the fundraising, we need audio or video submissions from ordinary people who suffer from HPPD explaining why such a book is necessary. That's where you come in! If you feel like helping, please email your submission (30 seconds or shorter, please) to dvandyke926@gmail.com

Thanks everyone! David and I couldn't do the work that we do without your help and support.

Devin Van Dyke

Assistant to David Kozin

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i think its a good projekt but iam not the one who is able to make such a video or audio file. my english is very bad iam able to write with alot of help of google translate^^ but spoken you will think iam a klingon^^

another interessting point would be (and i think i speak for alot of european here) if HPPD could find its way into the ICD.

dunno how to do this but maybe we have to find a european researcher or whatever.

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