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Question about alcohol and weed..

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ehhh I figure I should start off by saying ..Im 28 yrs old and I've never experimented with any other drugs in my life. This was just a random occurrence (my luck) that happened after I accidently smoked some weed that was laced with pcp. I dont even like taking over the counter pills....

I've been living with hppd for about a yr and a half now. I havent been officially diagnosed but after reading about it online Im 99.9% sure. I get the brain fog, visuals, DP, and sometimes just totally zone out in my own world, on and off for a couple hrs.

Oh... and on top of hppd I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for about 10 years now. So you can only imagine how much fun I'm having with this lol

Now, I've been drinking (at least 4 beers) and smoking weed pretty much every night now for 8+ years .. including the time I've had hppd. I did stop smoking weed for couple months after it first happened... but I felt no improvement so I figured I was just stuck with it eitherway.

My question is for those that have been living with hppd for more than a couple years now..

Do you think there is a chance that things can get worse if I continue this way? Even though like I said I've been drinking and smoking pretty much every night for the past yr and a half since I got it? And also do you think there's even a chance of it getting better if I stopped at this point?

I mean of course me stopping would benefit me in other ways . but Im talking strictly for my hppd. Cause at this point I pretty much just learned to deal with it... and its really become nothing more than an annoyance if anything. Except when I get totally hammered and wake up the next day hungover and tripping my ass off... but that only lasts the next day or two.

Thanks in advance....

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I used to smoke weed right up till the day I got hppd. In the next 6 months when I didn't know what the hell was going on I tried a few times to have a smoke with mates and it made me feel 10 times worse. Just fed my paranoia and anxiety to the max. I've pretty much stayed away from it since apart from times where I've been drunk or on benzos as a buffer and even then it's been at times when my symptoms haven't been as pronounced. Personally for me weed is bad for my hppd in every aspect but everybody reacts differently to different things. Drink calms it at the time but I overindulge by nature and overindulging on a depressant when your depressed probably isn't in your best interests either. If you can drink in moderation then I don't see how that can do any lasting damage to or worsening of your symptoms. Just keep hydrated.

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