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Just completed my phone interview


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Well I had seen a few people post about that visual snow study looking for more patients. I E-mailed them at VS-Research@Neurology.ucsf.edu a few days ago and received a phone call today. They answered any questions I had and I did the same in about 10-15 minutes. They are definately focusing on visual snow more than HPPD but they still seemed interested in my case. I think it was definately worth it so I recomend E-mailing them if you haven't already, but be clear in the e-mail that you suffer from visual snow as a piece of your HPPD (rather than visual snow alone) just to make things easier for them.

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this could may interesting for them: My friend has Visual Snow too, but no HPPD.

He got that since he´s born and didnßt noticed it till i told him that those white dots aren´t normal.

I mean how to realize somethings going wrong if youve been born with it?!

The problem is we can´t speak english that well so :(

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this study is almost for visual snow and not for HPPD in first place so he can take part if he wants and fits into the criteria.

you can try to contact the researchers but as i know they are in the second part of the study where they need people for a personal meeting but worth trying.

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wortyh trying, german is a common language theyl probably have a german translator. how long do they take to phone, aint emailed me or phoned?

It only took them a 3 days to call me but remember that the 4th is a holiday here so it might take them a little longer to get back to you.

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