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Is everyone just alone?


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is the interaction between human beings going to be socially acceptable? My girlfriend is to selfish and bratty and wont ever let her mental defense wall down enough to ever take my advice as anything more than an attack on her lifestyle and it is ultra frustrating.. but she does do a lot of good things for me. but having a partner that cannot accept my input makes me feel all alone inside. Everyone has needs. I hate drinking... I hate drunks. that being said i hate myself currently. but I have things to look up to. I am in college Doing my thesis on trying to cross an endangered species with the common strawberry. I hope it works. I look forward to finding a new job. I have applied to more than 530 different openings since I have lost my Christmas job at sears. only 3 callbacks and 2 interviews. this economy is bad. I look forward to class and learning things that interest me. If i just had this or that i could immerse myself in it to forget what bothers me but why do i need an escape? why cant I just deal with my problems head on? oh a decent stocked lab or a MIG welder would be nice and I would be happy to create and learn. is there anything that doesn't have ulterior intentions in this world? I have goals. I work towards them as much as possible everyday so why am I so unhappy and alone even with my girlfriend cuddling next to me? I think it's just DP/DR and drunk indifference blending together into a melancholy. So kids remember It to shall pass and your just one step away from the light and happiness so never stop walking towards it and walk away from those empty feelings of hopelessness because when you feel hopeless you are. It is just your election. in a weird way you want it.well that isn't really true because i never want to feel this way it just creeps up on me. so if you feel alone in the world I'm letting you know that I have felt the same way although my circumstances were most likely different, and I got past it so you can to, sure I still have hppd, its been there so long i don't care anymore. what you should take from this is I have no Idea how to handle some parts of my life/ myself and that If you feel similar ever that you are NOT alone and I hope that helps someone break out of the bad loneliness. so feel better it will make me happy...ulterior motives lol.

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