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My story and just want some feedback

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Hi i used lsd(1 tab but strong dose) 2 times in a few week span back in february-march. This summer i broke my ankle about a month ago in a bad fall put some bones in my back out of place which was fixed yesterday so im okay for the most part now. Before I got my cast(was pretty freshly injured) I smoked some very potent marijuana and then started to feel weird like i had when i took a large kief(marijuana crystals) hit on lsd. When I did this on lsd i bugged out for about an hour and a half until i could regain control of overbearing paranoia and very very intense visuals. So when I smoked the weed that night this feeling came back.. paranoia, sound distortion, tense body with that trippy feeling, except this time my hands and feet felt very tingly especially in my foot which i think was what i was thinking about when it came on. This went away in about 20 minutes and the trip got happy and I was chilling the rest of the night although a little unsettled.

The next day i smoked the weed again and sure enough started tripping once again although less intense and i didnt freak out cause i smoked considerably less. After this second time, although I wasn't feeling bad at all on the trip ive had symptoms of hppd. Ive had the fuzzy visuals..blurred vision when lookin a words, signs that are farther then reading a book, at night when i go to sleep i get blotchy visuals in the dark that i can see with or without my eyes open, trails, floaters. I get very vivid dreams every night that are usually very real life things. not neccesarily bad. I get tripped out by things sometimes, am anxious, easily irritated by parents and certain things(annoying noises). smoking any marijuana makes these feelings worse unless i use a very low dose and i can feel when im on the verge of tripping again although i havent tripped like those first couple times except once which was half a panic attack too i believe.

When i drink it feels really nice when im drunk and then i feel very bad when sober, get a little trippy and my heart speeds up along with feeling tense and like im falling if i close my eyes, a lot of anxiety. These symptoms all come and go though. Even as i write this things are not that bad at all and are very very subtle. Sometimes i have very good days and then very bad days usually facilitated by smoking or drinking and then the following comedown which brings on the symptoms at there strongest. Im wondering is a lot of this tied to my injury in combination? Im a very active person and I'm angry and depressed a lot that I can no longer run and do a lot of stuff i want to. Im out of the cast now and into a walking boot which is very nice but on for 4 weeks now, itll be off june 27th. yesterday i got pretty drunk and felt incredible the whole day as me and my friend went to the mall, but that night was hell as i got trippy visuals and a lot of the symptoms i mentioned above. I feel fine when im with friends for the most part although the symptoms feel like they are subtely there, every once in awhile i'l completely forget about them. Im wondering what my course of action should be. Will i be okay once the cast comes off and i get back to my normal lifestyle? I drink and smoke heavily at school because its a fratschool and im worried this will interfere with my life completely now, although i feel like being there ill be so busy that this will all go away anyway. Maybe once i get back into my normal routine of not being injured I wont notice and the symptoms will go away? Just want to get some peoples input on whats going on and to get some advice. Im worried that this will perpetuate for a long time, if forever and this obviously scares me to death.

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I'd also like to add i had a bad expirience with methoxy awhile back that was brought on by smoking marijuana but that was way before i had any of these problems and I smoked a ton of weed and drank a bunch with nothing. It appears this particularly strong acid is the culprit, ive done lsd 3 times total but the first time was way before and a joke compared to the 2 times i'm reffering too also im 20 years old.

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It is best to try and stay off the alcohol for a while, and quit smoking weed straight away (easier said than done, i know).

Alot of people who arrive here get better if they take a few months off everything.... Most of us that are still here long term carried on with our partying.

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I had one terrible hallucinogen experience that resulted in "hppd". From my personal experience I would say do not do any hallucinogen again, I would even go as far to say don't ever smoke again because depending on the strain/thc level or if it is laced or something it can be hallucinogenic and retrigger it. Drinking in moderation never seems to be a problem and in some ways acually helps me. Try also getting on an exercise routine, sleep regimen and healthy diet. Avoid large amounts of caffiene, and most importantly just don't dwell on it and do activites to take your mind off it and it goes away. It's really a matter of mind control.

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