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.5 mgs of Klonopin

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Got a prescription, the doctor (experienced tripper, graduated from princeton, ex alcoholic drug addict, dealing with fiends all day) says that below 1 mg doesnt really cause bad withdrawal. I have come to feel like a .5 would really help me, but if it does cause withdrawal i dont see it as being worth it, especially since i would have to take it for a few months. What are you guys' experiences on .5mgs?

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My doc claims 1 mg "isnt enough to REALLY get addicted" but tbh my visuals don't even start to go away unless I'm really fuckin benzed lol. So, unless .5 magically makes your visuals go away, I'd just stay away from it. However, it will do wonders for anxiety. But if you can live with the anxiety just stay away because the memory loss is pretty noticeable even at low doses. If you're still taking classes I'd at least wait for those to finish.

You might even want to go with Jay1's klono program (2 mg like once every two weeks and then an occasional .5 a day 'vacation' week). But like I said, if you NEED it.

My doc's plan is for me to take a tiny amount at night for a little while cuz she thinks it'll just calm me down long enough for HPPD to pass (because I'm young and I feel like I'm on the tail end of HPPD at this point). Thoughts on my situation?

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My doctor says that because our symptoms are similar to epilepsy we cannot get addicted.... I just go along with it and stock pile the 2mg pills. Don't always trust what a doctor says.

Personally, I think 0.5mg would probably be ok (as far as klono goes), maybe 3 weeks on, 1 week off.... But not many people get much from 0.5mg. I've recently been taking 100mg of the supplement "Picamilon" and it seems to boost the Klono effects... I had some good relief from 0.5mg of klono and the supplement.

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Honestly, Ive been drinking heavily quite constantly, to the point where im startin to fear an addiction, even smoked bud a few times, and have snorted a couple of roxys. I started klon last friday and my afterimages have actually died down and I do feel a little better. Im goin off with some friends for the weekend and then startin a job monday, thinkin ima stay on the regimen. Get really fucked up this weekend and begin Operation Get Better. Mentally im in a good place.

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cs1234 - Highest i've taken is 400mg, so far, but 100mg seems to do the same... I haven't been anxious over the last two weeks... Could be placebo, it is summer here and i'm always much more chilled in the summer... But worth a try.

Boogres - Have you thought about taking klono a few times a week?

You could probably do something like:

Monday - 0.5mg

Tuesday - 1mg

Wednesday - 1mg

Thursday - 0.5mg

Then have 3 days off.... That would be 4 days of relief, maybe while you work.... But far less risk of addiction/withdrawal.

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