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What about risperdal?


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I was put back on klonopin, doing fine, but was suggested to see a new psychiatrist who works with drug addicts like myself, she has dealt with numerous people who suffer post LSD disorder, and said that she

was going to take me off of klonopin(This freaked me out), instead she put me on a non addictive anti-psychotic called risperdal and it is not only

more effective then klonopin, it actually balances out the chemicals and is not addictive; in addition she said that in most cases even as severe as mine, the subject can ween off of the risperdal after several years and have zero symptoms, without them ever returning. This is great news. I'm taking 2.5mg a day right now, slowly going up to 3mg. The side effects

are at first *extremely* sedating, nasal inflamation and some anxiety, but it's worth it. This drug mutes the seratonin and dopamine neurotransmitters which helps dispel the overactive LSD symptoms. You can add this to the site.

From this erowid report: http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=21020

Just wondering, if Risperdal actually worsened the symptoms why would a doctor used to treat many HPPD'ers use it? Has anyone ever tried it?

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Risperidal can worsen the visual and all other hppd effects. The reason is that it attaches to the 5ht2a receptor which can cause after images. Not everyone who takes it will experience that but it is a risk.

Try a search for risperdal (whatever the correct spelling is) and after images. There is a paper that comes up that explains the reason that some people (none hppd'rs) experience after images on this med.

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