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I've spent a considerable amount of time contacting research scientists in the attempt to spread awareness about this condition by pointing them to the site and informing them about the available grant monies. I'd like to make a suggestion. In trying to retain the attention of medical professionals I would like to make the suggestion of doing a bit of formatting in that the site would be more effective if the home page displayed in bold print links to scientific literature and studies on HPPD instead of the many threads where most of us are in dialogue with one another. Not that it isn't important to have this function but perhaps a button at the header which takes members to a different page where all the sub forums ate listed in the way the current homepage is set up. I think in terms of credibility we need to grab the attention of the scientific community by displaying first and foremost the most pertinent and relevant information to researchers as they should be the focus of attention second to those who of course have this condition. Admins, please make it a point to discuss this amongst yourselves and David. I've actually received two replied out of 120 emails. The odds aren't great but two can easily turn into two hundred if we do a bit of formatting and not just maintain attention but encourage those scientific minds curious enough about this condition to circulate the information to wider circles.

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I'm sure David will get to see this.

I see your point, but I personally think the forums are a huge benefit to sufferers and I would not like to disrupt that in anyway.

It would perhaps be better to do about a completly new site to hold all the scientific info... I think www.nodid.org used to be excatly that,,, But it seems to be offline now.

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It boils down to format Jay.

Nobody is saying to take down the flow of dialogue between those who suffer from this condition. All I'm saying is that a concentrated effort on my part and hopefully others to funnel scientists and researchers to this site is underway and the first thing they should see plastered all over the place is information on the condition, articles, research papers and not posts like "I just want to do drugs again!"

You want credibility then we need to be credible. Restructuring the site IS a good thing. We want to retain the best and brightest minds to take an interest in us, not scare them off or not to be taken seriously. HPPD is a life destroyer in my book and I fight tooth and nail just to keep my head straight. This board used to be the only thing that kept me going but now it's not enough. 15 years of serving a sentence that doesn't fit the crime with invisible bars keeping the person who I was locked away with no telling when I'll ever be freed in this lifetime.

I want to change that and I'm asking you for help as an admin who has David's ear and respect. Maybe NODID didnt have everyone doing a bit of research per day and doing some form of outreach. I hope that will change and with that the level of attention this disorder gets. What I'm saying makes sense. We can still posts hypothesis as to why we suffer but what's that going to do us? It's a circle jerk. We need the best and brightest working on this. We need the scientific community so if changing the structure of the home page is relatively easy then what's the big deal?

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The purpose of this forum has two functions to educate and provide advice/consolation. It will always serve these two functions but in light of all the research going on in various fields of biotechnology why are we cast aside as some garbage condition. It's so upsetting to go see a doctor and have to explain what HPPD because the guy never heard of it. That's bullshit. Every doctor should know about it and that's why the format should be changed in order for us to guide medical professionals to the site, get them interested and come up with ideas in solving the HPPD puzzle with the available grant money!

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