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  1. How do you even get these substances? Doctors here won't prescribe anything stronger than valium, and it takes like 50mg of valium for HPPD symptoms to completely disapear.
  2. Benzodiadepines are only addictive if a) they are abused or b ) they are used everyday. Aside from that, the risk of benzo addiction is non-existent. Coupled with the fact that they have a very low side effect profile and LD50, it makes benzodiazepines extremely safe.
  3. >Visits the doctors about HPPD, doctor doesn't know anything about HPPD >Tells doctor about persisting drug-induced hallucinations and panic attacks, gets referred to a drug and alcohol service >Makes it clear that there is no history of addiction or continued use, gets referred to psychiatrists >Open to suggestion, trying not to be classed as a drug-seeker, I accept the anti-psychotic prescription Seroquel >Takes Seroquel, makes HPPD worse, notifies doctors of this >Is offered SSRI anti-depressants for panic attacks, rejected them >Prescribe
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