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  1. This is a thread meant to expand upon the new research being done upon traditional hallucinogens, their effect on increased excitatory tone via hippocampus and pfc reorganization, the effects of these drugs on ampa/nmda receptors, and excitatory tone in general. The following is a list of drugs that anecdotally hurt/help that also fit into this hypothesis and any other drugs I find that may help as well. mall the best to you all out there. ——————- AMPA/NMDA ratios in slices taken from psilocybin-injected CMMS-susceptible mice were significantly greater than those in slices taken from CMMS-susceptible animals injected with vehicle or ketanserin alone (Fig. 3B). Our preclinical results therefore suggest that 5-HT2ARs, and thus psychedelic responses in humans, may not be required for an antidepressant response to psilocybin, although that can only be definitively established with tests in human TRD. https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2022489118 —— 5-HT2A activation and subsequent activation of postsynaptic α-amino-٣-hydroxy-٥-methyl-٤-isoxazole propionic acid (AMPA) receptors by psilocybin is associated with increased glutamate concentration. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8156539/ —- AVOID: How nicotine effects this and us. Interesting as many find nicotine to be anxiety inducing post hppd: “Selective coactivation of α7- and α4β2-nAChRs also sufficiently reversed Aβ-induced AMPA receptor dysfunction, including Aβ-induced reduction of AMPA receptor phosphorylation and surface expression in hippocampal neurons.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8156539/
  2. Hey guys, I personally have mild hppd for 2 and a half month and today I will start my Keppra medication. Brand name Keppra. I am taking 250mg daily and will increase the dosage to 1500mg over the course of the next months. Maybe I will go for 2000mg or 3000mg in the long run. I will write an update whenever I feel my symptoms decreased.
  3. Hey guys. I'm thinking about asking my pysch for keppra. Will I have withdrawals when I decide to quit? How bad are the side effects at first? Also, I have lorazepam. Should I take lorazepam for a while to help with the beginning side effects? I took Lamictal but it didn't help me. Currently, I'm only taking ashwagandha, an adaptogen, and I also drink one mushroom elixir tea in the morning, also adaptogens. I take a lorazepam every one or two weeks when shit hits the fan. Really wish I had klono, but no one will prescribe it to me. I need some relief bad right now. If you have any other helpful info on Keppra please comment. Thanks.
  4. I’ve been trawling through this forum and seems like you guys are really helpful – not sure who’s active anymore but anyway I have some questions. Sorry it's long, if you’re feeling helpful but not up to reading then skip to the end :-) I’m 20 and developed HPPD from LSD maybe 13/14 months ago. Light tracers, afterimages, visual snow, seeing colours etc. It caused me a bit of anxiety towards the beginning but it must have been very mild because it hardly bothered me at all. I could’ve very easily lived with it. I did MDMA multiple times in the following year, and some coke and keta, none made any difference to my HPPD, so I just linked it to LSD (wasn’t sure what it was really). Just over a month ago I had mushrooms for the first (and LAST) time. Trip was extremely intense, I passed out and then it was like I’d woken up in another galaxy, but not a terrible experience like some you hear. About a week later I woke up with insane visuals, everything moving around, colours vibrant, people’s faces looked pink and yellow. I was vomiting and could hardly stand up. I felt like my life had ended, like I was no longer myself at all. I was seeing through a fish eye lens, my voice wasn’t my own, everything was moving around me like on a boat (I also have sea sickness so that didn’t help haha), brain fog, paranoia, crippling anxiety, muscle spasms and pain. Im lucky enough to have a psych ive been seeing for the last 5 years so had that support. I found out a lot of the non-visual symptoms were anxiety-related (brain fog, muscle spasms, paranoia, and some worsening of visuals). I actually still feel as sharp as ever, just distracted by my visuals a lot of the time. My anxiety hasn’t been as bad, I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression before so that part I can handle. It’s the fucking DP/DR that gets me, have never experienced it before and its hell. It got so bad I thought I was in a virtual reality simulator and my memories were all fake. And the visuals are definitely the cause – how could I not feel like things are fake if everything looks fake? I’ve been very up and down in managing it since then but still functioning, seeing friends, doing uni work, trying to get out and do things, exercise, I already ate pretty healthy. Symptoms now: everything permanently looks like a mild acid/mushroom trip, covered in very heavy static, nothing looks solid, colours very vibrant and stuff moves in my peripheral vision, and sort of wobbles in and out of shape when I look at it (with all the afterimages, light trails etc. but I was already sort of okay with that stuff and can deal with it), and DP/DR. I am feeling depressed but that I can deal with. So my questions are: do your visuals (the static in particular) ever fade away or will I just have to get used to them? Or as it’s been just over a month since it got really bad, is it worth having Klonopin, Sinemet or Keppra now or should I wait? I was thinking sinemet could be worth a try, even though it hasn’t done much to a lot of people, it seems to have the least side effects and I want my DP/DR to go away. Or should I just get some Klonopin for the days when it gets really bad? Very luckily my dad’s a doctor and completely believes me and is willing to prescribe me anything I think will help. (I live in Australia and have heard it’s hard to get it recognised at all here) Sorry for the long ramble and thank you so much to whoever replies <3
  5. >Visits the doctors about HPPD, doctor doesn't know anything about HPPD >Tells doctor about persisting drug-induced hallucinations and panic attacks, gets referred to a drug and alcohol service >Makes it clear that there is no history of addiction or continued use, gets referred to psychiatrists >Open to suggestion, trying not to be classed as a drug-seeker, I accept the anti-psychotic prescription Seroquel >Takes Seroquel, makes HPPD worse, notifies doctors of this >Is offered SSRI anti-depressants for panic attacks, rejected them >Prescribed antipsychotic Olanzepine (Zyprexa), which doesn't do anything for HPPD, and Diazepam (Valium) for panic attacks, which also does nothing >Moved to a mental health facility so that doctors can sort medication out >Psychiatrists conclude that panic disorder can fix itself and that the HPPD visuals are psychotic hallucinations >Prescribes Aripiprazole (Abilify), and took away the Diazepam, which made HPPD worse, and induced anxiety and hypertension (high blood pressure) Psychiatrists insist that benzo's are unsafe and should only be used short term due to risk of addiction, despite no history of addiction and the thousands of milligrams worth of any benzodiazepine it would take to actually be fatal. Big fuck you to every single doctor out there who hasn't done their research and has treated every HPPD patient like this. I have already explained to them that the most effective treatment for HPPD include anti-convulsants, but they do not listen. Instead they want to chuck as many anti-psychotics and anti-depressants at me as possible, hoping that I will come across one that will eventually kill me. These doctors are not here to help, they are here to kill and deny effective treatment. Even if addiction were a problem (which is not if you do not abuse medicaiton), I'd rather be addicted to a drug than have HPPD for the rest of my life. Now I will proceed to seek medication illegally because this medical system has failed me.
  6. So a couple months ago I started having HPPD symptoms: visual snow, anxiety, tinnitus, problems with contrast, night vision, visual acuity (sharpness vs cloudy), depth perception kinda, halos, glare(light sensitivity). My symptoms were very distressing at first, but they aren't really that bad(especially compared to many people on here it seems). I've gotten used to a lot of them, and I don't really seem to have the brain fog and DP/DR a lot of people on here have, maybe on occasion but for the most part I'm free of them. Its only been 2.5 months so I'm hoping my sypmtoms will decrease/go away, though if they don't I can live with this. My main problem is I also have ADHD though, which complicates things, because taking my stimulant medication has made the snow and other visuals far worse, though it helps with adhd symptoms. I stopped taking my medication, and I was already having school problem, which really stresses me out. I heard from some people on keppra that it could improve my symptoms and maybe even make it so I could try my stim adhd meds again, though the data is rocky. I decided to try it out, and just started my Keppra regiment today with 500mg. I'm going to try this for around a month or so, hopefully the side effects aren't problematic &/or reduce or go away quickly if I have them. I'm optimistic that it will improve my symptoms, even if marginally. But the great thing is, even if it doesn't, I'm really taking it to see if it will allow me to take CNS stimulants without exacerbating my symptoms. For people on this site, as few as there were, that tried both Keppra and CNS stimulants, it seems to be a 100% success rate, so I'm hopeful. Also would be nice if I could drink on occasion without a 3-4 day HPPD exagerated hangover.
  7. This is day 2 250 mg 2x a day I also take Effexor symtoms: visual snow frontal head pressure trails brain fog fatigue DR/DP patterns moving walls breathing feel kinda crappy all the time I have not had anxiety attacks or general anxiety for years I've had HPPD for 25 years Day 2- only thing that might be from the med is I feel more impulsive, almost a little agitated.
  8. So given that agomelatine doesn't seem to have done much of anything it's very likely I'll be prescribed Lamictal next Tuesday. When I mentioned levetiracetam the psychiatrist I'm seeing either didn't have much to say about it or didn't want to go there for some reason, but he praised Lamictal and said it'd be the next move in my treatment. Thing is, I know Keppra tends to be the most well-regarded anticonvulsant by members here and seems to have the most success stories, but I'm not sure if that's just because more people have tried it. I'm not well-versed in the pharmacological actions of either and how they differ but a lot of studies/reports seem to regard them as relatively comparable as far as treatment of epilepsy goes. I know there's the study, but is there any reason Keppra was chosen for the study over Lamictal, and were the same study to be done with Lamictal is there much reason to believe the results would be less positive? I really just want to know if there's any concrete reason that I might want to really push for Keppra over Lamictal; I don't especially want to get into an argument about this stuff with a professor of psychiatry unless I'm confident there's a solid basis for doing so Oh, and while I'm at it I'd like to ask: if one's HPPD fails to respond to treatment with one anticonvulsant, is that reason to believe it won't respond to another and that avenue of treatment should be abandoned?
  9. Happy new year! Mine's probably gonna suck but things are getting a bit better. I've been on Keppra for roughly 5 weeks now, started at 250 mg a day, and I'm now at 2x 500 mg day and night. I can't describe this in the percentages as this disorder comes in waves for me. For example on some days I still question who I am, where on some days I almost feel completely like myself. Visuals seems to be quite stable though. Improvements: - DP/DR reduced - Brain fog reduced (cognition improved). - Trails slightly reduced - Starbursting slightly reduced - Stopped losing a lot of hair (can be related to something else). - Visual snow reduced - Floaters slightly reduced - After-images (but I barely had them in the first place). - Emotions improved. (I can laugh more often and I can cry which helps with the anxiety). Not sure if I'd prefer the comfortably numb feelings though, but I guess not. - Memory: I can relate to memories better. - Neck pain is improved. - Eye strain improved (fuck yeah!) I hated this so much, and now I barely get it anymore. - High feelings gone. (kind of suck but I guess I won't miss it that much because it felt really wierd). Worsening/Side effects: - Anxiety, I was completely anxiety free when my HPPD started which lasted for 3 months but now it's rough. Maybe it has something to do with depersonalization lifting. That I'm actually dealing with more feelings now. - Depression. (could also be caused by different reasons, as I was heavily depressed prior to Keppra but I know there is a general 6% chance in Keppra patients to experience this) - Extreme tiredness randomly occured twice. Don't get it anymore. I don't do much during the days though, it might be different in an active life. - Easily irritated first weeks. Things coming up: I will talk to my neurologist this Thursday to get some more Keppra and will probably increase the dose to 1500 mg a day. I will stick to this dose for a while. I might ask the doctor for Naltrexone for the dissocation. A lot of positive vibes here regarding that: http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/topic/68-success-with-naltrexone-read-this/page-2 There's also another study with some great success: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15876908 Life in general is still a living hell, but if these improvements keep on coming I might get out of it alive. I got a new goal in life too: To study biochemical medicine to cure us and our children. Hopefully I'll be able to get my feet back on track to be able to do this as soon as possible. Take care everyone,
  10. I took my first dose four nights ago with no noticeable benefit for the first three days. Today, however, I have found myself understanding mathematical concepts in class better than usual and when I stepped out side to look at the stars I noticed a clear reduction in visual snow. I still have not noticed a change in floaters, blue-field entopic phenomenon, tinnitus, ghosting, or starbursts. So I seem to have some improvement in dp/dr and visual snow. I am very happy about this and hope that I will see more benefits as I go along. I have not had any keppra rage which is surprising since I am naturally an irritable person. The one side effect I have noticed is fatique. I have been falling asleep in the middle of the day for like three hours and am still able to go to bed on time. I hope that this side effect passes but so far the benefits are outweighing the risks. I will try to update sometime withing the next month or so. I should also note that I had a three month trial with lamictal with no benefit to speak of. My psych said that If I do find a medication that gives me a lot of benefit he would like to publish a case study of my experience to help others in my situation. I encourage anyone with experience with keppra to give some input on their experience as well.
  11. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but here it is, my experience with Keppra. I took Keppra for a little over two months, taking 500mg/day for the first five days and 1000mg/day for the remaining two months. Before beginning Keppra treatment I had all the usual bloodwork done and all looked fine. During the period where I took 1000mg/day I had blood tests done twice and both showed elevated liver figures - I don't remember the details, but my ALAT/ALT was twice the upper boundary of the normal range (indicating liver problems). Since it hadn't decreased at all by the second blood test after beginning Keppra (which was about a month after the first one) my doctor recommended that I didn't increase the dosage and advised me to perhaps taper off if the medication wasn't having substantial positive effects. Now, I didn't feel anything remarkable during the treatment, but it did seem to have some effect. It seemed to reduce after-images/palinopsia, which was great. It seemed to do very little for general "patterning", but it may have helped this a little bit as well. It made me pretty confronting and unrelenting. I seemed to fall out with a few people while taking it, which is unusual for me. It may have helped general anxiety somewhat, but not much in any case. So, all in all, not remarkable nor a complete let-down. Oh, and if you take Keppra, remember to get blood tests for liver function!
  12. need help asap please! i nearly committed suicide the other day and would really appreciate if anyone could help me in finding a doctor that understands hppd in my area. I live in Tacoma, WA, USA, which is about 30 miles south of Seattle, WA. I just want to be better so i can finally have the confidence to meet a girl and to love as well as my lifelong dream to pursue a career as a piano composer. I am 18 years old now and have had it since i was 16 (September 2, 2012)- yes i remember the exact date because since then it has been a living nightmare. Ever since I developed HPPD I have had Constant Depression and Consistent Anxiety of the extreme along with the disturbing visual snow and hallucinations.
  13. r.trudeau

    Keppra Study

    From the album: Levetiracetam efficacy in Hallucinogen Persisting Perception

    Levetiracetam efficacy in Hallucinogen Persisting Perception study
  14. After reading Rene's success story, I still hold out hope that Keppra might do the same for me. But unfortunately, the psychologists I've seen so far are so set in their ways and ignorant… They refuse to give me any medication. I've just come out of a week of hell. To be taken seriously, I agreed, out of desperation, to go to an inpatients clinic for teenagers who are extremely depressed and cut themselves, also a lot of anorexics there. The oldest of these while I was there was 13. The outpatient clinic told me there was no chance of getting meds if I didn't. Yet again, I was made to fill in 10 long questionnaires designed to detect schizophrenia, OCD, psychopathy, etc. (becoming quite an expert with these). I submitted to (almost) full body search, blood/urine tests to rule out drug use, 3x daily blood pressure tests, daily weighing, bag searches. I have never self harmed, but for the safety of the others, my razor was locked away. No problem with that, except I had to convince a (male) psych, unfamiliar with my case, to lend it back to me for a shower. Also, no water bottle allowed in room…?!? I had to explain my life story, multiple school changes, bullying etc. more than 10 times to a handful of psychs who were just puzzled and judgmental. I haven’t even smoked since November, but as the other inpatients weren't there for drug-related stuff, they just mentally tagged me as a drug addict. They admitted this was why I wasn’t allowed out unsupervised - in case I had a conveniently pre-arranged rendez-vous with my phantom dealer in the middle of a country field! Over and over, I was asked by random professionals to describe my symptoms. Either no one had bothered to read my notes, or they were trying to detect discrepancies. This didn’t feel friendly: more like an interrogation. Especially as I had to leave all my anxiety supps. at home (no magnesium allowed here!) No one believed me that the MRI scan, which was required before admission, has made my visuals a lot worse and added a new symptom to my list: tinnitus. No clinic is going to take responsibility for that. They didn’t even discuss the results of it with me or my parents (I am nearly 17), or acknowledge the results of the qEEG we gave them. There was no recognition that HPPD symptoms contribute to anxiety, depression and feeling disconnected from others who don’t have it. No one seemed to be familiar with these symptoms, but neither did they admit that they knew nothing about HPPD. They even explained that in Germany, the term HPPD is not recognized and would only call it ‘Restzustände’ leftover effects after intake of hallucinogens. The underlying assumption was that CBT and music therapy will reduce my double vision, severe trails, after-images etc…. to the point where I’ll be able to get back to school in September and function. Every day, the other kids would be called into the office to get their pills… but not me. Since the course of Mirtazepine they gave me in January, which temporarily worsened my visuals, they were clearly shit scared to prescribe anything at all. They refused to discuss a timeframe for any medication. Even if they’d promised a trial with anti-epileptics after ‘x’ weeks observation, I’d have stayed it out there. Icing on the cake: It seems that rather than admit their ignorance, it was easier to claim I was exaggerating, or attention seeking. When I finally left, the clinic had diagnosed me with possible histrionic personality disorder! This was obviously the wrong place for me. I got no meds, but I’m so happy to be out! Sorry about the long post. I just wanted to share this.
  15. File Name: HPPD summary, Keppra study and testimonials File Submitter: Puppeteer File Submitted: 29 Nov 2013 File Category: Publications A compilation of HPPD diagnostics from the DSM-IV and ICD-10 on HPPD as well as excerpts from other sources, the Keppra/levetiracetam study abstract, and numerous testimonials for Keppra's effectiveness from around the forum (largely thanks to user HBB). Changes and updates are very welcome, please upload any modified versions if you think they'll be useful Click here to download this file
  16. Age 23 Date got HPPD 03/29/2013 Medication's: Klonopin .5 X2, Depakote 250mg X2, Keppra 250mg X2, Supplements: Melatonin 3mg w/B6 2mg X2, St. Johns Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Multi-Vitamin, Omega 3 Symptoms Shutter Vision Static Vision/Visual Snow Tracers and After Images Dark Frame Surrounding Peripherals/ Tunnle vision Depersonalization/Derealization/ Numbness Massive Depression / Depressed and Insane Thoughts General Anxiety/Social Anxiety / Impending Doom feeling attention/focus difficulties Loss of libido Lack of Self Meaning/Unmotivated Lacking Cognitive Function/Confusion Severe Loss of Sort Term Memory Complete lack of ego Extreme Paranoia(People are out to get me every time someone tells a story I think its pertaining to me, when people laugh I think there all laughing at me) Everything looks clear/sharper (textures look really detailed) Sensory overload First off I want to apologize for any grammatical errors. I'm pretty sure I had mild Asperger's syndrome before I got hppd at least that's what a psychologist mentioned to me a few years ago but never had an official diagnosis. But regardless I was never fluent in reading and writing but excelled in math and science. I first noticed the visual snow after I went on a intense whip-it and molly binger one night I split a case of about 400 whip-its with a lady friend of mine i was loading my cracker with 5 at a time and after every hit I would take I would breath it into a large balloon then after the cracker was empty i would start inhaling/exhaling what was left in the balloon until I got to the point where I completely lost control over what my body was doing and I was so far dissociated I didn’t realize it. After id come too I noticed that there was a small/light vail of static over everything I looked at but it wasn’t that bad and I didn’t care that much at the time because I thought it would fade away in a few hours or days. And it did for the most part. But when I “REALLY” got hppd from staying up all night on about a gram of mdma and then when I started coming down I took 2c-I around 8am to hopefully keep it going and at first it was awesome for the first time in my life actually seen open eyed hallucinations like I saw thing that whernt actually there and I felt like I was rolling. It really was one of the most incredible experiences of my life but after about 4 or 5 hours it turned into a horribly bad trip I felt anxious and depressed and insane and this is when I felt the depersonalization for the first time and it hasn’t went away sense then. I noticed that everything looked a lot clearer and sharper and that everything has like a lot of static of visual snow over it. After a couple days of not sleeping I ended up getting a taking a antianxiety pill and got a several hours of much need sleep but when I woke up I noticed that I still had persisting images, visual snow, tracers, and most of my symptoms. I never feel completely calm. Now everything looks completely different sounds different I can’t feel anything physically. Every time I look at a bright light and look away I see the after image of the light for a few seconds. Or if I look at something and look away really fast the previous thing that I looked at is still there like an after image. And im not to entirely sure but I feel like a piece of my brain isn’t functioning anymore but I can’t seem to notice it. After the initial shock of hppd I kinda calmed down and living with my friends I found it hard to stay away from drugs. I just thought I should stay away from hallucinogens and so I did but I continued to use other drugs and found myself slightly addicted to smoking 4-fa and sometimes doing apvp(bath salts). And continued to do molly and whip-its. It wasn’t so bad having hppd at this point even though it completely scared me Id still do drugs without any noticeable change to my hppd symptoms. However I did end up getting really depressed over so girl problems I was going through at the time and the depression got so bad I just wanted to kill myself so I attempted to do so with a massive dose of a sleeping pill containing (diphenhydramine) little did I know it was an ssri and made you trip out in large dose’s and it considerably hard to actually OD on. And im pretty sure this actually made my hppd way worse. I finally came to the conclusion that I need to stop doing all drugs in general and get a grasp on my life. So I completely quit all drugs in general and moved to Williston North Dakota and landed a well-paying job I just assumed at the time that my symptoms would subside over time and I could just reintegrate back into society normally. But quit the opposite happened I actually was extremely nervous around everyone I meet at my new job. I didn’t talk to anyone about anything unless they asked me a question or told me to do something. I could tell that people defiantly new something was wrong with me. My shift was 12 hours a day everyday for 6 weeks I also lived where I worked and my phone ended up breaking so I literally talked to no one at all I would just spend all of my spare time in my room and the other time I spent working and trying my hardest to avoid any social contact with anyone I could. I was stuck there for 6 weeks and for some reason every minute felt like an hour time moved so slowly. And all I could think about was that I need to get through this and get back home and everything will be better being around my friends and people I could actually talk to. Toward the last 2 weeks I was the I acctuly started seeing a psychologist who of course never herd of hppd before in her life and just thought I had drug induced schizophrenia and prescribed me olanzapine an antipsychotic. I tried one that same night and it was so horrible made me feel a hundred times worse and like I was having a really bad trip. She later prescribed me with a anti-depressant Lexapro which made me feel really happy for like an hour or two then really shitty for the rest of the day. I eventually got fired from where I was working because of my worsening symptom and came back home. Now I barley talk to people. Ill hardly look people in the eye’s when people try and talk to me ill be quite the entire time then try and end the conversation and leave. Now I usually just try and avoid people because its always awkward. Most days I spend without talking to a single person. Then most days I’ll get really nervous and no matter what I do I cant seem to calm down and my inner voice just keeps telling me that im worthless, that my whole life is a joke and that im not good enough. Out of a 24 hour day I leave my room for about a half hour and its only to eat and shower. Iv been seeing this psychologist back here at home and when I originally asked for keppra she got really tense and hissed a little like as if I insulted her beliefs or something. And instead she put me on Depakote 250mgs 3 times a day and Klonpine .5mgs twice a day to treat my mood and hopefully my visuals. Depakote did nothing for my visuals but did help my mood some I noticed that I was slightly less depressed but not necessarily happy at all. Plus I noticed taking Depakote 3 times a day gave me a sever headache so I lowered it to twice a day. When I saw here again to weeks later I told her that my mood was a little elevated but no change in my visual symptoms. She proceeded to tell me she had done some research herself and I presented her with the case study on keppra. And she agreed that it was the best liable treatment from my condition. So now I take 250mgs of both keppra and Depakote in the morning and right before bed. Results well I’m still very nervous around any person even close friends of mine. However keppra a reduced my visual symptoms a lot I still notice visual snow but its about %70 less, after images have significantly reduced, trails and tracers are about %90 reduced, my depersonalization, de-realization, and numbness is down like %70. My anxiety is down like %40 I feel like I can think better with less brain fog and confusion. And its only been 4 days now im excited to see how ill be after 3 months. However there is a down side to keppra when I was taking Depakote and klonpine I bailer noticed any side effects at all. But with the addition on keppra I fell heavily sedated almost like a drunk zombie. I feel like im shit faced without the head change sometime ill stumble or bump into walls. I fell a little dizzy as well. I do fell a little more agitated but nothing like the infamous “Keppra Rage” iv been hearing about. Iv also been taking gingko for memory and St Johns Wort because its an mild ssri and I haven’t noticed any sever changes in symptoms I’m just really desperate to get rid of this intense depression. I feel like I don’t have any emotions at all anymore like I can’t feel happiness or anger or anything anymore only a really low baseline sadness…. And I’m hoping that just maybe it’ll help my increases my mood. Is it normal for people with hppd to feel so insane it repeats all though out the day in my head? All I think about is “I’m insane, no im normal, nope I’m defiantly crazy, no its just the hppd I’m fine it’ll get better.” I also notice for a very brief period in the morning when I every first wake up calmly is that I feel completely normal I can feel the bed sheets brushing against my legs. I run my hand through my hair and it almost tickles because I can feel my hair move. Then after about five minutes my body pretty much goes numb and my symptoms slowly fade in. Any advice form anyone would be great I defiantly want to stay positive and get through this and get on with my life. Because my psychologist isn’t sure I can qualify for disability because I can still function and communicate but when I’m around people I freak out or end up getting fired from jobs. So financially I’m in a bind which doesn’t help my depression.
  17. For those of you who are taking keppra here's a link to a coupon that'll save you $30 on your next refill. Im not sure if the coupons different for people outside the US. http://www.keppraxr.com/about/savings_program.aspx If i could i would just attach the pdf but the coupon ID changes for every download. Hence you have to get it directly from there site. Works for both insured and cash paying costumers.
  18. Hey everybody I'm suffering from what i believe to be hppd from an LSD trip 3 months ago. i've also been experimenting with all sorts of drugs in the past. My symptoms are mainly visual snow all day (it get worse at night and in the dark), some after images and that awful feeling of being here but not here and that nothing seems real, like being in a haze, disconnected from everything (DP/DR). At first the doctors thought i had a psychosis and put me on an anti-psychotic (olanzapine) that didn't really help and an SSRI antidepressant (escitalopram) for the depression. After doing some research and talking to my psychiatrist he agreed to let me try Keppra next month. I'm gonna have an EEG and a blood test done (already got a MRT that showed nothing). I'm gonna keep you updated i hope that it will work
  19. Just a quick one to ask if anyone who's experienced success with Keppra had developed HPPD from MDMA use, or had their HPPD significantly exacerbated by MDMA. I've just noted that a few of the unfortunate non-responsive cases have been in people with MDMA-related HPPD and wanted to know if there's any tangible connection there or not.
  20. I mentioned in a pretty heated post to the progress-thread I keep in the main forum the fairly poor, typical psychiatrist appointment I had on Tuesday. After gathering my thoughts I composed a pretty lengthy email and sent it his way, and though it's pretty specific to my situation there's definitely enough in it that I feel like it could well be of use to others who've had lukewarm experiences with specialists. Naturally I don't mean for this to be a stencil for someone to alter as that would be dishonest, just as a general reference. There's probably more I could've added to support my case and indeed stuff I could've left out. I'd've included the summary of the keppra study if I hadn't already given him a copy during our first session, so that's obviously a wise thing to get to anyone you're trying to convince to prescribe you it. Hopefully this is of use, or at least of interest, to somebody!
  21. Hello everyone. For the past 3 months I've been trying to get my hands on Keppra. Amazing how I could walk across the street and score some heroïn (not that I ever would), yet getting a medication seems almost impossible. I just came back from my doctor whom I showed the DSM pages that cover HPPD, and the study on the efficacy of Levitiracetam (Keppra) on HPPD. Neither my doctor, nor my psychiatrist, deem themselves competent enough to deal with HPPD, let alone prescribe me Keppra. Subsequently I have an appointment with a "addiction doctor", who "might have more experience in the area". I can't stop thinking: "This summer is going to pass without me ever being able to enjoy a single ray of sunshine". I was told the "addiction doctor" will perform a series of neuropsychological testing. Not knowing exactly what that entails, I presume it consists of CAT scans and the like. Judging from my experience with professionals, merely calling them can take up to a week to come through. Between calling, appointments, and tests, I can almost certainly estimate that this obsolete procedure will take several months. This I conveyed to my doctor, who would consult with my psychiatrist, whom I will see next week. And thus the circle completes itself once more. My doctor also told me that Keppra has to be prescribed by a Neurologist. And there comes the gap: HPPD cannot be diagnosed by a Neurologist or a doctor, and Keppra can't (?) be prescribed by a psychiatrist or a doctor. Have any of you been caught up in such a fruitless pursuit as well? If so, how did you get out of it? Is it merely dependant on whether or not you'll find someone for whom helping others precedes the fear of losing their job? I really don't see why acquiring a simple medicine has to be so tiring and demoralizing. Perhaps I'm missing something. I've contemplated ordering online, but taken into account the various risks involved, that seems like a bad idea. Ironically, I no longer have the cognitive skill to do a crash course in chemistry to synthesize the stuff myself. I'd be grateful for any suggestions which could facilitate this tedious progress. Feel free to PM me if necessary. I hope to be able to share my experience with Keppra here in the near future. Many thanks in advance!
  22. I'm starting on Keppra today. I will report changes in symptoms once in a while. Wish me luck.
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