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  1. A resident neuro at USC told me that she thought I had been exposed to chemicals/toxic encephalopathy. Another disorder that occurs due to organic brain damage. This is annecdotal, and there are plenty of other anecdotal accounts of this phenomena with people on MDMA, but after I had taken Eth-lad, I did lose my sense of smell, taste, and experienced aphasia, which are also symptoms found in people who have suffered strokes. The glutamate release and GABAergic inhibition also is an important mechanism of action in Ketamine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3883303/ , which is
  2. There's enough evidence from the literature to suggest that SSRIs can induce the same visual disturbances in HPPD and Visual Snow, particularly upon discontinuation. Its been seen in Citalopram, Lexapro, Zoloft etc. Hallucinogens do modulate the same and similar types of receptors that were bound with and desentisized. That being said we dont understand how the Visual cortex works, nor do we understand the long term implications of SSRI use. Our modalities that we have in imaging these areas in vivo at the resolution that we will need to elucidate a coherent understanding and intricacies
  3. When I was going through my trip and for a few weeks after, I did have some pretty gnarly bruxtism going on. Magnesium helped attenuate it whenever it flared up. Also ativan helped somewhat. Occasionally I'll get episodic bouts of rigors when its cold outside, like exagerated whole body shivering. Then there's also like this weird brain zap thing that goes on and makes my jaw spaz out and gets my heart racing. Tremors tend to be a part of anxiety, which tends to be part of the whole hppd package. They'll manifest themselves in different ways. I know when my anxiety was particularly a
  4. https://jmedicalcasereports.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13256-017-1228-0 Apparently Clomiphene induced visual afterimages that subsided with abstinence, but continued to persist 1 year after the last time the 30 year old lady dosed.
  5. Your doctor will probably tell you not to drive, but they can't take away your licence. Should they have ample reason to believe that you are a threat to others and yourself, they do have the ability to notify the DMV, and recommend that your driving privileges be temporarily suspended. Your symptoms seem consistent with HPPD. (I am not a medical professional) There have been annecdotal reports of mushrooms bringing relief to people, as well as exacerbating some cases of HPPD. What's your relationship with your doctor like? Just be truthful and mention that you're having altera
  6. Has anyone tried Ibudilast? It's an anti-inflammatory, used in Japan and South Korea, which acts as a PDE4 and TLR4 antagonist to help patients recovering with stroke (vasodilator) and also as a bronchodilator with a relatively benign safety profile. It has some unique CNS activity, and suppresses glial cell activation, UCLA is conducting a research, using it to help Methamphetamine users with the whole neuro-inflammatory cascade they get, and to keep them off of the drug. It's also being investigated for use in MS to help deal with Neuropathic pain, and even has its own painkilling e
  7. Unfortunately.. It doesn't work like that. There's just too many negatives with Benzos use to justify it, except as a measure of last resort in emergent/very severe cases of panic disorder and anxiety. The US Army Medical Command has issued a moratorium against the use of benzos in cases of PTSD, which incorporates an element, namely the whole depression/derealization/anxiety portion of HPPD, as patient outcomes with the use of chronic benzos unequivocally resulted in adverse outcomes/did more harm than good. In the case of HPPD, it will put a damper on things, but when your GABA recep
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