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Anyone have any good theraputic/mediation tactics for me?

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So guys, I'm going through a particularly rough patch at the moment. A dark depression seems to creeping in and not letting up so easy. But instead of searching for a cure as I have for 6 years I really want to find a way to psychology deal with this- FOR GOOD.

A way to let go of the pain, depression, anxiety and everything that is holding me back from enjoying life. I figure from all the stress and anxiety of years of hppd and this choppy vision, I have devleloped some sort of PTSD. I fear the thoughts of the future and continued suffering and I don't want to do that anymore. I eat right, don't take drugs, don't drink anymore, I work alot and am on my feet all day and stay semi-social, so I feel like I've got that part of my life right. I need a way to work out my emotions and fears.

So i'm asking some of you who are educated in perhaps meditation, emotional release tactics, spirtiual replenishing or perhaps just have some excellent tips from a therapy you could share. I'm open ears and willing to try anything. I don't have the time or money these days to see a therapist although I wish I could honestly. I just want to work through all this pain and find peace. Lasting contentness. I don't want to still be suffering years down the road whither my vision is better or not. I'm bitter, angry, sad and overwhelming depressed sometimes. In fact, before keppra, i couldn't deal with any emotional ups or downs. Even being overly happy made my HPPD and slow frame vision worse. How disgusting is that..? Anyways, I want to work my issues and find a way to be happy again. I don't have a choice because I can't take this pain anymore. I want to feel ambitious and alive again. Most of all just content.

These days I just get absorbed in music, pray for stregnth and try to occupy my mind with other stuff. It's only a distraction at this point though because as soon as i'm solo and my mind can wander i'm back in mental anguish.

Thanks ahead of time. Best wishes to all of you.

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Just see the post of vipasanna meditation. It's very interesting and it cost 0 money. Also you can try CBT or EMDR therapies or start with something easy like yoga and continue with something more complex.

I hope your doing well.

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