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Come on people, let's post more.

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Remember, Knowledge Is Power.

It is important to become 'grounded' within oneself. That way you don't react with panic. Clearly, watching a movie about a plane crash before a taking a flight tends to make one uneasy. So you have to work out how to manage your emotions. Life IS emotions, but the mind is your guide to success.

As for HPPD, Cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, ect., ignorance does not guarantee bliss ... sometimes the opposite.

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Mikethemerc1 you must have had some really bad HPPD if you think that losing a testicle isn't shit to HPPD....

I'd give both and then some to get rid of HPPD, no doubt in my mind.

Anyways regarding activity: it would definitely be nice not to be one of the few spamming the forum.. I wonder how many members are actually active? I doubt it's more than 100. That said, I know there are only 200 known cases of HPPD in this country, so perhaps there are just not that many HPPD sufferers out there. Which I suppose is a very good thing.

Either way some more activity would be great, if even it's only people posting about how well they are doing and that that's why they are inactive.

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Polls show that 4% of LSD/MNDA users suffer HPPD symptoms - which probably puts it in the millions worldwide.  So, clearly this is an underreported disease.


Yes, the forum is very 'quiet'.  Perhaps most visitors are too overwhelmed to post much ... feeling the primary need to rant, which doesn't go over too well.  Or depression/learned helplessness.  Don't know ...

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seriously. I've been posting a lot and looking around a lot, and I'm new as of yesterday. but no one else is doing anything. this is the deadest forum I've ever joined lol. I'll just keep posting and soon my name is gonna be on everything lol. I'll have all the newest statuses and everything lol.

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