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Massive improvement!

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Gidday people.

Well Ive always preached that the best way to over come HPPD is to ignore it. This is understandably hard to do for some of us (myself included).

Well I used to work at a dead end job, I was bored and doing the same repetitive crap day in, day out for around 5 years. Then it happened...It started with me laying a complaint against my team leader (the guys a real c***) then as retaliation he laid a big stupid fucken complaint against me for pouring water in my mates boots. Unfortunately it was during a time when the company is making massive savings and talking about redundancies, so after 5 years of loyal service (and I mean loyal, like I'd finish each year with sick pay still unused, I was late twice in five years) I was fired because I had performed "a severe breach of F********S health and safety code of conduct". Now getting to the point, sorry, I was gutted. I mean I've got two kids and a wife, and a mortgage, and debts! I went home and panicked.

Well I've now found a new job, but you know what? I havn't thought about HPPD once in weeks! Ive stopped noticing visuals, and the anxiety from HPPD has all but dissapeared! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I have been so busy worrying about finances that I just completely forgot I had HPPD! No more waking up in the morning and straight away freeking on the visuals, no more worrying about that bottomless feeling of being empty. Im fixed, I mean the visuals are their but I dont care. I feel more sane than I have in years!

I spent so many years worrying about HPPD but when something like that happens it makes me realise just how insignificant it is.

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Congratulations, OP! This post confirms what I've been thinking lately: HPPD gets really bad for a lot of people because they're anxious, unhappy, depressed, and it's all they can think about. But when you make changes in your life. the symptoms go away fast!

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Great post. This forum needs more stories like this one. 90% of what I read are awful things and one gets the idea of falling into a black hole.

Still_here, dp-dr has suffered along with your visual symptoms-anxiety? Hope your doing well.

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Hey there everyone.

To sort of describe what Im saying...Im not excited about the new job, I mean its so so, its less pay but cruisier people. The thing is that because I focused my entire being on worrying about finances, what I was gonna do to fix my life, I completely forgot about HPPD. As a general life changing incident it wasnt good, but from an HPPD perspective it was magnificent! Even now that things have died down, I think having let my brain have a break from the perpetual thought pattern of worrying about HPPD, was enough for my subconcious or whatever to relax and break the aforementioned patern permanently (or atleast for the last few weeks!).

As far as DP/DR I have certainly suffered from some major form of dettachment, however I couldnt tell you weather it was DP/DR or just extreme anxiety. I felt completely empty/confused, I hadn't felt true emotion in years (which was pretty hard during the births of both of my sons, and my wedding day!) but I carried on "acting" like I had in the hope that one day I would return to my former being.

To be honest I still don't feel 100% back to normal but with every day that I dont have that HPPD constant thought pattern, I feel my brain returning to normal!

My visuals are no doubt still there, but the anxiety is gone, the stress is gone, the emptiness is gone.

People this can happen for any one, I know it seems like bullshit but you just have to find something that is incredibly distracting and lets you forget HPPD. I had read this and tried using my playstation, or my kids, or my dogs, or my job, or a trillion different things, but none of it worked. My thought's always drifted back to HPPD and the guilt of knowing I'd damaged my brain permanently (I have had HPPD 3 years in october and DP/DR or whatever I've got 3 years in june). I figured it was just people talking shit. But yeah spending two weeks worrying about Mortgagee sales, bankrupcy, losing everything was enough to make me completely forget HPPD.

I truly hope everyone can get to the point Im at now, acceptance and peace.

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