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My name is Devin Van Dyke. I'm a rising junior at Haverford College outside of Philadelphia, where I study religion (and pre-med, ugh) in the hopes of eventually becoming a psychiatrist. I am fascinated by hallucinogens and am a firm believer in their healing power when used responsibly.

I don't have HPPD. I'm fairly experienced with hallucinogens--mostly psychedelics, but with some experience with dissociatives and a bit with deliriants--but any lasting effect has been positive. no anxiety, DP/DR, or lasting visual effects, though with focus I can induce some minor visual disturbances when sober.

I'm spending this summer assisting David Kozin in raising public awareness of HPPD and lobbying the APA to differentiate HPPD from "flashbacks" in the new edition of the DSM.

This community will likely play a strong role in what David and I are planning. I look forward to getting to know and work with everybody here.

Stay tuned for more info!

Devin Van Dyke

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