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Hopefully proper treatment with this drug: AXN-027

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From the paper:
 "It has been shown that KCC2 is regulated by 5-hydroxytriptamine (5-HT) type 2A receptors to serotonin79. This regulatory mechanism may account, at least in part, for the link between the serotoninergic system and tinnitus and/or hyperacusis76,80. Finally, KCC2 downregulation and chloride dysregulation offer new avenues of understanding the potential link between auditory symptoms (tinnitus and/or hyperacusis) and neurological and psychiatric diseases such as autism spectrum disorder21,81. Indeed, it has been suggested that autism spectrum disorder may be associated to chloride dysregulation25. Since KCC2 seems to play a strong role in neural hyperactivity after hearing loss, KCC2 enhancer may represent a promising pharmacotherapeutic target for treating tinnitus and/or hyperacusis."

Serotonin messes up with chloride homeostasis.



" Fine-tuning chloride homeostasis in CNS neurons will enable them to respond to physiological GABA-mediated inhibition, without a need for global depressive effects on the brain (e.g., benzodiazepines). Therefore, AXN-027 offers a novel therapeutic approach for refractory epilepsy and pain, with improved tolerability and without debilitating side effects."

Benzos help with both tinnitus and vss.
This drug (AXN-027) should also help with VSS, notice I said should, w need this drug tested both for tinnitus and visual snow.

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For some reason nothing decreases my visual snow but benzos do decrease my anxiety and HPPD. I would be very curious to see if this substance would be able to decrease visual snow.

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